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This New Stealth Destroyer is Too Stealthy

The USS Zumwalt, a Navy destroyer years in the making, is a floating piece of technological wonder. But its neatest feature is tricking nearby radar into thinking its massive 185-metre-long hull is actually just a 15-metre fishing boat. In fact it’s so good at going undetected, it’s too stealthy. Read More >>

monster machines
America’s Newest and Deadliest Destroyer Has Finally Set Sail

Reports of the USS Zumwalt's christening being delayed until next spring have been greatly exaggerated. In a surprise move, the US Navy instead launched the next-generation destroyer from its berth in Bath, Maine early this morning. Read More >>

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The USS Zumwalt Deck Looks Like a Part of an Imperial Star Destroyer

This image is so unreal that it feels like a sci-fi illustration more than a photo. It looks like part of a spaceship—perhaps some structure from an Imperial Star Destroyer—instead of the 1,000-ton deckhouse of the United States' new destroyer USS Zumwalt. Read More >>