Water Company Wants to Drain the Lake District

The water supplier with the amazingly utilitarian name of United Utilities has asked for permission to start taking extra water out of the Lake District's reserves, thanks to the fact that it hasn't rained quite as much as it usually does. Read More >>

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This Colossal Dam Keeps Russia’s Capital City Above Water

When Tsar Peter the Great founded the Russian city of Saint Petersburg more than 300 years ago, he intended it to provide a "window on the Baltic." Turns out, that window was more of a screen door. To protect itself, the city built a dam that took almost 300 years and £2.45 billion to complete. Read More >>

“Clocked” Gas Meter Gives Woman £13,230.55 Bill

A glitch in the way an energy company computes bills resulted in a shock for one poor lady, who was greeted by an automatically generated demand for an extra £13,230.55. Read More >>