Amazon Appears to Yank Anti-Vaxxer Documentaries From Prime Video Streaming

Following an open letter from American politician Adam Schiff calling on Jeff Bezos to curb the promotion of anti-vaccination content and videos on Amazon, it appears his website has done just that. Read More >>

NHS England Chief Says ‘Fake News’ on Social Media Contributes to Increase in Measles Cases

NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens is among the many officials publicly addressing the wave of social media campaigns spreading dangerous misinformation about vaccinations amidst ongoing preventable outbreaks. Read More >>

Maybe Leave Dogs Out of This Anti-Vaccine Nonsense

Vaccines are good. Dogs are good—in fact, very very good, aren’t you girl? Read More >>

A Controversial Ebola Vaccine May Get Its First Real World Test in Congo

In December, the headlines were euphoric: After a deadly West African Ebola epidemic two years ago, scientists had not only developed a vaccine, but it appeared to be 100 percent effective. That effectiveness was quickly disputed—but now, as a new Ebola outbreak is rattling the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the vaccine may finally get a crucial real world test. Read More >>

Should Unvaccinated Kids Be Banned From Daycare?

To prevent the spread of infectious diseases, Prime Minister Ian Turnbull of Australia is pushing its states and territories to adopt measures that would prevent unvaccinated children from attending childcare centres. Sounds harsh, but experts say it’s a good idea—one that’ll hopefully prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Read More >>

Scientists Call Bullshit on Study Linking HPV Vaccine to Brain Damage

Sometimes it looks like one thing causes another. Every time you eat ice cream, your nose hurts. Every time you turn on the sink, your pipes clank. Or in this case, HPV vaccines seem to coincide with strange side effects. Read More >>

Tiny Pin-Cushions Made of Sugar Are The Sweetest, Cheapest Way To Get Vaccinated

Even if it means protection from dangerous, even fatal diseases, having a needle jabbed into your skin and liquid sickness squirted into your flesh is no fun for anyone. There are other needleless injection solutions out there, but a new microneedle array made completely out of dried sugar promises to make vaccination not only painless, but dirt cheap. Read More >>

Soon, Your Vaccinations Will Be Arriving Via Email

Craig Venter, the über-DNA jockey who quietly sequenced the human genome using his own DNA, then made "synthetic life" by outfitting a gutted bacterium with homemade genes, says his next trick will be emailing biological molecules, using 3D biological printers. The move that could revolutionise healthcare - and biological warfare. Read More >>