People Still Weird About the Flu Vaccine, Especially in America

While the flu is no picnic for anyone, it can be especially risky and sometimes deadly for young children. But a new survey suggests many people still avoid the flu vaccine because of misconceptions about how it works, including that the vaccine actually can give you the flu. Read More >>

What Is Nipah, the Virus Spread by Bats That’s Killing People in India?

A deadly viral disease spread by bats is once again infecting humans, but in this case, it isn’t Ebola. As of 1 June, an outbreak of the Nipah virus has infected at least 18 people and killed 17 in Kerala, India, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported. The outbreak, which is the first to hit South India, raises fears of the disease becoming more far-reaching. Read More >>

Ebola’s Back Again—Why Don’t we Have a Cure For it Yet?

Ebola has once again resurfaced. On Friday, the World Health Organisation reported that there have been at least 34 suspected cases of the viral disease and 18 deaths since early April in the Bikoro District of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). But Ebola’s resurgence, hardly unexpected, can’t help but bring a question to mind: Why haven’t we found a surefire way to cure or prevent it yet? Read More >>

Vaccines Don’t Give Dogs Autism, Veterinarians Shout Into the Void

The debunked idea that vaccines cause autism is one that, judging by my inbox alone, continues to endure. But veterinarians in the UK and elsewhere are now being forced to contend with antivaxxers going to the dogs. Read More >>

Scientists Are Working on a Bath Salts Vaccine to Block the Scary High

Researchers at the University of Arkansas are trying to create a vaccine for a class of drugs most infamously, if wrongly, accused of turning people into face-eating zombies commonly known as bath salts. And their latest results in rats, presented this week at the annual Experimental Biology conference, suggest that they’re on the right path. Read More >>

Thousands of UK Teens Will Help Settle a Vaccine Debate Over Meningitis 

Scientists in the UK are looking to recruit thousands of teens (presumably with attitude) to help them settle a debate over whether vaccines for a certain type of meningitis should be in wider use. Read More >>

Many Children With Autism and Their Siblings Aren’t Getting Vaccinated

Decades of research has shown that vaccines do not cause autism spectrum disorder (ASD). But the fear of that connection continues to linger. And a new study published today in JAMA Pediatrics suggests that it’s scaring families affected by autism into not getting their children vaccinated. Read More >>

Vaccinations Drop in Europe, and the Result Was Over 21,000 Cases of Measles

Measles is pulling off a disconcerting resurgence across the continent of Europe at the same time the vaccination rate is falling, per recent data from the World Health Organisation. Read More >>

Scientists Successfully Test a Vaccine in Mice That Could Prevent Many Cancers

Even under the best of circumstances, cancer treatment can be an excruciating, costly ordeal that tragically doesn’t even work sometimes. In light of that reality, scientists and doctors have long searched for a way to proactively head off the problem using a vaccine. One potential approach to a cancer vaccine, highlighted in a new study published Thursday in Cell Stem Cell, might involve using our own reprogrammed stem cells to better train the immune system against several—and maybe even all—types of cancers. Read More >>

The Philippines Halts Mass Use of Dengue Fever Vaccine, Saying It May Be Linked to Three Deaths

On Friday, Filipino authorities tied at least three deaths to the 2016 deployment of Dengvaxia, the world’s first dengue fever vaccine, Reuters reported. Read More >>

Scientists Shocked—Shocked!—to Learn Anti-Vaxxers Tend to Believe Other Conspiracies, Too

Spend time talking to someone who considers themselves an anti-vaxxer—or more generously, a vaccine sceptic—and something becomes apparent pretty soon: The conspiracy well usually runs deep. There’s no shortage of anti-vaxxers who also believe in other iffy things, like “natural” cancer treatments and a government-ordered 9/11. A new study, published Thursday in Health Psychology, reaffirms that obvious connection while providing some insight on why it’s so hard to sway anti-vaxxers from demonstrably false beliefs. Read More >>

Scientists Slammed for Synthesising a Smallpox-Like Virus in the Lab

The dreaded smallpox virus was eradicated more than 40 years ago, but the threat of its return still looms. In an effort to develop a safer vaccine substitute, Canadian researchers have resurrected a close relative—the extinct horsepox virus—from scratch. Critics say the exercise was pointless, and because the results were published in an open access journal, they fear the smallpox virus can now be manufactured by virtually anybody—terrorists included. Read More >>

The Last of the Iron Lungs

Martha Lillard spends half of every day with her body encapsulated in a half-century old machine that forces her to breath. Only her head sticks out of the end of the antique iron lung. On the other end, a motorised lever pulls the leather bellows, creating negative pressure that induces her lungs to suck in air. Read More >>

Maybe Leave Dogs Out of This Anti-Vaccine Nonsense

Vaccines are good. Dogs are good—in fact, very very good, aren’t you girl? Read More >>

The First Gonorrhoea Vaccine May Be on The Horizon 

Vaccines are one of the most important advances in the history of medicine. They’ve helped humankind more or less eliminate smallpox, and kicked measles out of the Americas with the exception of folks who’ve decided to believe a retracted, manipulated, widely-criticised study of twelve children. Vaccines are good. Read More >>