Oh God, People Really Are Anti-Vaxxing Their Pets

A new report seems to confirm vets’ worst fears, suggesting that pet vaccination rates in the country have dropped off substantially in recent years. Read More >>

A Chlamydia Vaccine Shows Promise in Early Human Trial

A vaccine for the most commonly reported sexually transmitted infection in the U.S. – the bacterial disease chlamydia – is now a substantial step closer to reality. On Monday, researchers reported that two of their vaccine candidates were found to be safe in a phase 1 clinical trial of 35 women. Though the trial wasn’t meant to prove their effectiveness, the vaccines also seemed to provoke an immune response to the bacteria in all volunteers. Read More >>

Scientists Have Created a Vaccine for Cat Allergies, but You Can’t Have It Yet

People unjustly kept away from feline companionship due to an allergy are rejoicing this week, after news resurfaced of a potential vaccine that makes cats less able to cause allergies. But while this research is promising, a finished product won’t be available any time soon. Read More >>

Public Health Experts Call for Aggressive, Global Push Against Antivaxxers

Public health experts are fed up with the anti-vaccination movement, which is most recently behind a surge of the completely preventable disease measles in the US this year. So much so that a group of them has decided to issue a statement calling for institutions around the world—from search engines and social media outlets to governments—to forcibly rein them in. Read More >>

Scotland’s HPV Vaccine Is Already Dramatically Lowering Rates of Cervical Disease

A new study out Wednesday in the BMJ is the latest to showcase even the short-term benefits of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine. It found that the routine vaccination of preteen girls in Scotland, starting in 2008, led to drastically lower rates of cervical disease by the time the girls turned 20. That included conditions known to raise the risk of cervical cancer later on in life. Read More >>

Instagram Purges Its Platform of Some Popular Anti-Vaccine Hashtags, But Others Are Still Thriving

Following an investigative report by the Atlantic on the prevalence of misinformation on Instagram, the company appears to be scrubbing its platform of some popular anti-vaxxer content. Read More >>

Twitter CEO’s Newest Podcast Bud is a Guy Who Claims Vaccines Cause Autism

Man, it would be great if tech CEOs would maybe not appear as guests for podcasts during which they smoke pot or engage in casual conversation with anti-vaxxers. And yet here we are. Read More >>

Amazon Pulls Books Peddling Toxic “Autism Cures”

Amazon has pulled two books peddling pseudoscientific “autism cures” that promote giving children potentially toxic chemical baths and medication for mercury poisoning. Read More >>

Italy Begins to Enforce ‘No Vaccines, No School’ Policy After Deadline Expires

Italian schools have begun turning away children who have not received mandatory vaccinations after a temporary waiver expired, the New York Times reported on Tuesday, with at least 300 children told they could not attend preschool in the city of Bologna this week. Read More >>

It Took Two Months and Over £600,000 to Save an Unvaccinated 6-Year-Old From Tetanus

A new case report from the Centers for Disease Control released Thursday starkly highlights the costs of not vaccinating children. It details a unvaccinated 6-year-old boy’s encounter with tetanus – and the hugely expensive, two-month-long effort it took to save his life. Read More >>

Facebook Decides Anti-Vax Conspiracies Aren’t Part of the Business Model Anymore

Facebook, the very open platform that would like to be the opposite of that in the near future, announced a big change this week: It will no longer be a dumping grounds for the anti-vaccination conspiracies of a few misinformed clowns. Read More >>

Amazon Appears to Yank Anti-Vaxxer Documentaries From Prime Video Streaming

Following an open letter from American politician Adam Schiff calling on Jeff Bezos to curb the promotion of anti-vaccination content and videos on Amazon, it appears his website has done just that. Read More >>

YouTube Pulls Ads From Anti-Vaccination Videos That Violate Its Policies

YouTube has removed ads from videos that promoted anti-vaccination rhetoric and violated its ad policies, BuzzFeed News reported Friday. The site reported that at least seven advertisers were unaware that their brands were being attached to this kind of content and despite the fact that YouTube’s ad policies aren’t new. Read More >>

136 People Have Died in Measles Outbreak in the Philippines Linked to Vaccination Fears, Official Says

Thousands of people have been infected in a measles outbreak that has been linked to the deaths of 136 people, according to the Philippine health secretary on Monday. The Associated Press reported that most of those who died were young children, with roughly half between the ages of 1 and 4. Read More >>

Facebook Swears It’s Going to Do a Better Job at Not Spreading Dangerous Anti-Vaccine Content

Facebook is considering ways it could prevent the spread of dangerous anti-vaccination content on the platform. Read More >>