Thieves Are Vacuuming Money From Ticket Machines

We probably shouldn't say criminals are funny and clever, but vacuuming money out of ticket machines is perhaps one little green shoot that says that yes, the UK of the future may well be a nation of innovators, leaders, and unconstrained free-thinkers, if the kids can come up with this. Read More >>

Dyson 360 Eye Review: Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a Dust-Munching R2-D2, But Its App Sucks

There’s only one chore I actually like doing, and that’s the vacuum cleaning. I’ll scour the skirting boards for the last fleck of dust, doing my best “Bill Murray in Ghostbusters” impression all the while. So of all the jobs I’d happily give over to a robot helper, vacuum cleaning isn’t at the top of my list. And in the past, the performance of robot vacuum cleaners has been so poor as to not worry my professional vacuum cleaning aspirations. Read More >>

Dyson’s Supercharged Cordless V8 is All About Suction

Dyson has revealed the V8, its new series of cordless vacuum cleaners, designed to maximise portability, versatility and power. The cordless V8 Absolute will run for 40 minutes -- that’s twice the stamina of previous models -- before you resort to kicking it and imploring it to come back to life, and the company says it provides a monster 115AW of suction in max mode. Let's face it, you can never have too much suction. Read More >>

Dyson’s New Cordless Vacuum Cleaners’ Motors Spin Five Times Faster Than Formula One Engines

While light and stylish, Dyson's range of cordless vacuum cleaners haven't quite had the suction power of its full-fat range. From today though, it's kitting out the line with its absurdly powerful V6 motor -- and popping it inside two brand new models, the Dyson V6 Absolute, and V6 Fluffy. Read More >>

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Review: This Thing Sucks (In a Good Way)

First it got rid of the bag, now it’s getting rid of the filters. In its pursuit of domestic household appliance perfection, Dyson’s Cinetic Big Ball Animal vacuum cleaner features the company’s latest filterless dust-trapping technologies. It’s designed to make housework a pushover, and it certainly sucks better than even the sauciest people on the darkest corners of the internet. But it’s design also brings with it a few issues that may not make it to everyone’s liking. Read More >>

Check Out the Cojone On Dyson’s New Cinetic Big Ball Upright Vac

Dyson got rid of the bag, but it won't be getting rid of the balls. Its latest upright vacuum cleaner has at least one massive one, with Dyson promising its new Cinetic Big Ball will "never lose suction". Read More >>

Dyson Accuses Samsung of “Cynical Rip-Off” as Patent War Erupts in Vacuum Land

Dyson's not been shy in the past when it comes to moaning about the patent system and making claims about industrial shadiness, now it's taking things to the next level by announcing plans to sue Samsung in the High Court for stealing its vacuum cleaner technology. Read More >>

“Mains Power” Suction Promised by Dyson’s Cute Handheld DC59

Dyson's been at it again trying to reinvent the humble vacuum cleaner, claiming that its new cordless DC59 model manages to produce the same level of suck as the mains-powered competition. Read More >>

This Tiny Dyson Fits On an A4 Sheet of Paper

I'm not quite sure how that can be right, but apparently Dyson's new tiniest pull-along vacuum cleaner is so small it'll fit within the footprint of a piece of paper while still sucking hard. Read More >>

80 Per Cent Off Vacuum Cleaners Is Your Neat-Freak-Loving Deal of the Day

As the greatest minds all say, cleanliness is next to godliness, and so we're turning our attentions towards the spicking and spanning of things that might otherwise be mucky. Read More >>

watch this
Watch Dyson Try and Block-Up Its Vacuum With Everything From Shoelaces to Miles of Skanky Hair

A Dyson will suck up almost anything, including fire, but getting all tangled-up is the constant, dreaded nightmare of any cleaner. Watch engineers torture-test Dyson's fancy hair destroying tool, throwing anything and everything long and tangly they could find. Look at that sucker go. [YouTube] Read More >>

lightning review
Dyson DC50 Animal Lightning Review: So Much Suction In Such a Tiny Package

Dyson's in the process of taking its super-suction power and shrinking its vacuums down to fit in with modern, compact life. First out of the gate was the handheld DC44, which we loved. Now we've got the evolution of the first ever bagless Dyson, packing two tiers of dirt-destroying cyclones, and shrunk into a knee-high package, but is it any good now it's gotten tiny? Read More >>

Finally, Dyson’s Solved the Problem of Disgusting Hair Blockage

After some 187 prototypes, Dyson looks like it's finally solved the issue of hair stuffing up your vacuum cleaner with its ingenious tangle-free Turbine tool. No longer will you have to bend over and heave balls of manky hair from your sodding nozzle. Read More >>

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Dyson DC44 Animal Vacuum Review: Small, Sure, But It’s All About How You Use It

We live in an age of robot cleaners scouring our floors for us with virtually no intervention. It takes a special vacuum cleaner to make you want to go back to using your arms again. But the DC44 Digital Slim vacuum is worth a look if you're considering a Roomba — because this vacuum might actually be a better solution. Read More >>