Harbinger Switches Studios, Putting a Valiant Cinematic Universe in Question

Bloodshot then Harbinger. Bloodshot then Harbinger. That had been the plan to kick off a Valiant Cinematic Universe for years. And while Bloodshot starring Vin Diesel is in the can and on its way for a 2020 release, that second piece of the puzzle just went in another direction. Read More >>

Here’s Your First Look at Vin Diesel as Valiant’s Bloodshot, Who Conveniently Looks a Lot Like Vin Diesel

Your first look at Bloodshot is here, and, well, it’s a picture of Vin Diesel. In sunglasses! Read More >>

All the Incredible New Comic Series to Cosy Up With This Autumn

We’re finally free from the sweltering heat of summer. Autumn is nearly upon us, with its falling leaves, cool breeze, and the saintly scent of petrichor in the air. We’re not scientists, but we’re pretty sure it’s scientific fact that these are the perfect conditions to read a tonne of new comics in. Good thing there are some on the way! Read More >>

Jody Houser on Returning to the World of Valiant for Faith: Dreamside

Faith is back! After both her blockbuster ongoing series and the Future Force miniseries came to an end last year, Valiant’s high-flying psiot superheroine has been laying low for a bit. But now she’s ready to return! Faith writer Jody Houser told us what to expect from the new series and we have a first look at Faith: Dreamside #1. Read More >>

Why Valiant Comics are a Fantastic Alternative To Marvel And DC

Marvel and DC have a near-monopoly on superhero comics. The two companies even have a joint copyright on the word “superhero”. But if you’re tired of the endless reboots, crossovers and revamps, then there’s an alternative. Valiant Comics has been kicking all kinds of ass lately. Read More >>