How Maths Geeks Almost Doxxed Banksy

Describing graffiti as a “minor terrorism-related act,” researchers from Queen Mary University of London have used a technique developed for crime-fighting to tag the identity of a Banksy, a highly prolific but secretive street artist. The system could thwart more serious crimes, but its use in outing an anonymous artist shows the potential for abuse. Read More >>

Piss-Bouncing Walls Have Arrived in Aberdeen

Good old piss. Spraying out the yellow stuff out is one of life’s natural pleasures, but there’s a time and a place for draining the main vein. Thanks to urine-bandits in Aberdeen, the council has decided to coat the lifts and walls of a couple of blocks of flats in hydrophobic paint, which deflects any liquids sprayed at it directly back to the source of the spray. Read More >>

An Indestructible Marker Keeps You Vandalising Through the Apocalypse

Just because the world as we know it has come to an end doesn't mean that people won't want to read an amusing limerick written on a bathroom stall. And for just under £5, this Pocket Shark Tactical Marker is guaranteed to survive almost anything—from a Mad Max-style dystopia, to even a zombie uprising. Let's see your Sharpie do that. Read More >>

Syrian Electronic Army Bigs Itself Up Over CNN, Time and Washington Post Semi-Hack

The good old Syrian Electronic Army is back in town, with a new "hack" supposedly compromising the sites of Time, CNN and the Washington Post. All it really did was fish for logins and redirect an advertising plugin, but still. It's quite proud of the job. Read More >>

Rothko Defacer Believes His Vandalism “Adds Value” to Tate Modern Artwork

A slightly bonkers amateur artist with his own little idea for a movement defaced a ludicrously valuable piece in the Tate Modern, with his marker signature marking the start of what he hopes will become known as the "yellowism" movement. But why did he do it? Read More >>

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So That’s Why My Car Has a Massive Foot-Shaped Dent In the Door

Ever wondered why your innocently parked car has a brand new dent in the door and you're missing a wing mirror. Wonder no more: it's because some drunken-arse woman attempted to kick the crap out of your beloved automobile, and for what, who knows? Read More >>