Teen Has Mouth Wired Shut After Vape Explodes, Fracturing His Jaw and Knocking Out Teeth

Vaping may or may not be healthier than smoking conventional cigarettes, but a recent incident involving a teenage boy, in which an exploding e-cigarette blew out several of his teeth and cracked open his jaw, is a serious cause for concern. Read More >>

Ever Wanted to Smoke a Genie? Your Wish Just Came True With This Aladdin’s Lamp Vape

Be honest, how many times have you watched Disney’s animated Aladdin with your mod in hand and wondered what it would be like to vape that genie as he comes blasting out of that lamp in a cloud of smoke? It turns out you don’t need three wishes to find out; just a fully-functional lamp-shaped vape that Disney’s marketing arm may or may not have given the thumbs up to. Read More >>

Government Told to be Nicer to Vapers

A committee of MPs looking into the modern issue of vaping has declared it basically a good thing that should be encouraged, as current thinking suggests there's little evidence that e-cigs are a "gateway" to real old fashioned smoking, and that any option that keeps people away from the old cancerous type of burny-burny cigarettes ought to be embraced and more easily prescribed by doctors. Read More >>

Vaping Pilot Trying to Hide E-Cig Cloud Accidentally Sends Passenger Flight Plummeting

An Air China flight crew had to enact emergency protocols during a flight from Hong Kong to the city of Dalian on Tuesday, all because a co-pilot tried to sneak in a vape break. Read More >>

E-Cigarettes Might Be As Bad As the Real Thing

I hate that I have to do this. But here goes. Read More >>

Non-smokers are Getting into Vaping

A survey of vaping paraphernalia shops has found that pretty much all of them are breaking industry guidelines by selling their fancy flavoured electronic cigarettes to people who don't and never have smoked. Read More >>

Wait, Apple Just Filed a Patent for a Vaporiser?

Apple has patented some weird stuff in the past year—remember Bag, the foldable phone, and the phone that’s all screen? Yet its latest application puts even those strange ideas to shame. Apple just filed a patent for a vaporiser. Read More >>

The Wait is Over, Thank God, (Where Vapers Find Love) is Now Open

No more, no more, no more will the vaping community be relegated to searching for love on ordinary dating sites populated with #vapelife virgins who don’t even know how to prime. Read More >>

The Best E-Cig (2015 Edition)

The "best e-cig" is a hard title to bestow. E-cigarettes come in so many different shapes and sizes, catering (quite literally) to so many different tastebuds and bank balances that crowning one vaping kit as the best e-cig offering out there can be contentious. Read More >>

You Can Now Get Pornstar-Branded E-Cig Vaping Gear

Porn star Jada Stevens, who the press release says is "notorious for her mesmerizing and amazing ass," now has a new string stretched over her sagging and beaten bow, with an ecig maker signing her up to release a custom vape tool. Read More >>

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Vaping is Now a Competitive Sport Called ‘Cloud Chasing’

With vaping’s great popularity comes a growing competitive offshoot, complete with contests, judges, sponsors, and spectators turning out to see who can produce the most impressive plooms. Read More >>

A Vape Hoodie for the Sporty Smoker

Do you like looking like a nu-metal casualty? Do you smoke and/or vaporise? Don't we just have the garment for you. It's apparently the world's first vape/hoodie combo, and Fred Durst just bought eight. Read More >>

‘World’s First’ Speed-Vaping Event to be Held in Hackney

E-cigarette company Blu UK will next week descend on a hotel in Hoxton, pack a room full to the brim with singletons and vape sticks, get said singletons to chat and mingle while consuming nicotine vapour, and hope some of them hit it off. Read More >>

Arizer Air Review: A Breath of Fresh Vapour

For the last year or so, a vape by the name of Firefly has been my portable vaporiser of choice. It's blown the competition away in terms of efficiency, portability, ease of use, and vapour quality. But with the release of Arizer's latest porta-vape, the Firefly's reign could be coming to an end. Read More >>