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A Study Linking E-Cigs to Heart Attacks Was Just Retracted – What Does That Mean for Vaping’s Health Risks?

This week, a study that had suggested using e-cigarettes could increase the risk of heart attack was retracted, following an investigation by the journal’s editors that deemed its findings “unreliable.” But does the retraction mean vaping is safe, and should we be concerned about the validity of other vaping research? Read More >>

Officials Suspect Vape-Triggered Lung Injuries Were Behind Two UK Deaths

Two deaths are being investigated after concerns were raised that e-cigarettes or vaping products were contributing factors, with an additional 20 reports of bad reactions to vaping products being looked at. Read More >>

Juul Employees Reportedly Can’t Stop Vaping at Work

Who’d have thought the company that developed a discreet and highly addictive nicotine product would have trouble preventing its very own employees from using it in the workplace? Read More >>

Vitamin E to Blame for ‘Vast Majority’ of Vaping Illness Cases, US CDC Says

US federal health officials are finally confident enough to single out a primary culprit for the wave of acute lung illnesses linked to vaping: an additive called vitamin E acetate often found in unregulated THC products. Read More >>

Instagram is Censoring Vape Speech

Instagram announced on Wednesday that it will begin enforcing bans on influencers promoting “goods such as vaping, tobacco products and weapons” in branded posts. Read More >>

New Study Links Vaping to Chronic Lung Illness in Humans

The potential dangers of long-term vaping have largely been hypothetical, but a new study out today provides the first real evidence that it can increase the risk of chronic lung disease in humans. And while the risk may be much higher for those who smoke traditional tobacco cigarettes, it’s amplified in people who both vape and smoke. Read More >>

Doctors Report First Documented Case of ‘Popcorn Lung’ From Vaping

A Canadian teenager developed a life-threatening condition known as “popcorn lung” after several months of intense vaping, in the first medical case linking this chronic lung disease to e-cigarette use. Read More >>

RIP iOS Vaping Apps

Apple has purged its App Store of 181 vaping apps, citing a rash of recent reports about vaping-related injuries and deaths. Read More >>

E-Cigarettes Don’t Have to Be Tainted to Send You to the Hospital

In recent months, hundreds of people in the U.S. have become acutely sick and have even died due to vaping. These cases have largely been tied to black-market vaping products made with toxic additives. But a new case study in the UK seems to show that in rare circumstances, even legal e-cigarettes can cause life-threatening lung illness in users. Read More >>

We Now Have Direct Evidence That Vitamin E Is Behind Vaping Illness Outbreak

On Friday, U.S. federal health officials announced a breakthrough in solving the mystery of why people are getting seriously ill from vaping. They detected vitamin E acetate – an oily, synthetic form of the vitamin commonly added to black-market THC vape products – in lung fluid samples taken from all of the patients they’ve tested so far. Read More >>

Vape Litter Is Becoming an Environmental Disaster

Anyone who’s participated in a beach cleanup is familiar with the classic cup of cigarette butts. In the US, that collection of nasty, soggy, chemically laden remains of cigarettes is the top item – often numbering in the thousands per cleanup – found in the sand in many parts country, along with other bits of plastic pollution. Read More >>

The Most Ridiculous Health and Wellness Fads of the Decade

As 2019 creeps ever closer to its merciful end, there’s plenty we’re glad to be leaving in the rear view mirror. Much of the last decade – particularly the tail end of it – has felt like a haunted carnival funhouse in which each new room serves up a surreal and previously unimaginable horror. This was also true of the last 10 years in health trends. Read More >>

Health Officials Are Still Warning People to Stop Vaping Completely Over Lung Illness Cases – But Why?

In a new report out last week, health officials from the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have acknowledged that the wave of lung illness cases and deaths linked to vaping has a main bad guy: products that contain THC sold on the black market. But to the disappointment of some experts, the agency is still recommending that people avoid using any e-cigarette or vaping products, regardless of their drug contents or whether they’re sold legally. Read More >>

E-Cigarette Vapour Linked to Lung Cancer in Mice

A new study out Monday is yet more evidence that vaping isn’t the safe alternative to smoking it was once thought to be. The researchers claims to have found evidence, in mice, that e-cigarette vapour is capable of causing certain kinds of cancer. But of course, there’s still a long way to go before we can know if the same is true in people and how large of a cancer risk it could pose. Read More >>

U.S. FDA Urges Consumers to Avoid THC Vapes Amid Lung Disease Outbreak

Don’t use vapes containing THC, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warned Friday as it continues to investigate a recent epidemic of a mysterious lung disease that seems connected to vaping. Any vaping products purchased from illicit or unknown sources should also be avoided, the FDA said, which honestly is just a good rule of thumb for most drugs amid a burgeoning health crisis. Read More >>