‘World’s First’ Speed-Vaping Event to be Held in Hackney

E-cigarette company Blu UK will next week descend on a hotel in Hoxton, pack a room full to the brim with singletons and vape sticks, get said singletons to chat and mingle while consuming nicotine vapour, and hope some of them hit it off. Read More >>

High Tech: The Science and Gadgets That are Reinventing Weed

Due to the law of averages and a relatively small set of variables, there is a very high chance that somewhere on the globe there is someone vaporising butane-extracted weed concentrate in a portable vape stick, made from plants that were grown under LED lights, all of which they purchased from the Deep Web. That person is the most up-to-date cannabis consumer out there. Read More >>

VapeXhale Cloud Evo Review: Putting the Zen Back into Home Vaporising

With their flashing lights, roaring fans, and Blade Runner-esque designs, a lot of tabletop vapes these days place more emphasis on maintaining hyper-precise temperature gradients than in providing a relaxing and enjoyable user experience. The new Cloud Evo takes a refreshingly zen approach. Read More >>

Herbalizer Vaporiser Review: High Times at a Higher Price

The Volcano vaporiser has stood, virtually unchallenged, atop the mountain of tabletop vaporisers for years. This upstart all-in-one system designed by ex-NASA engineers looks to topple the Volcano from its perch—just so long as you're cool forgiving all the rattling. Read More >>