flying cars
Oh Hell Yeah, The Flying Car is Almost Here (Not)

Have you heard the good news? The flying car is almost here! At least that’s what so many news sites have been telling me this month. Take, for instance, this recent article from Auto Week about Terrafugia—a company that’s been promising to deliver a flying car for over a decade now—headlined, “Your Flying Car Is Ready to Order.” Let’s break this down, line by line: Read More >>

If This 54-Year-Old Software Can Finally Release, Anything is Possible

When development started in 1960, many people thought Project Xanadu would change the world. Then one delay led to another and another and another. But after 54 years in development the world's most delayed software went live. Read More >>

China’s Batty Proposal for an Under-Sea Train to the United States

A lone report in China's state-run Beijing Times claims the nation is already in discussions to build an 8,000+ mile railroad connecting China, Russia, Canada, and the US—including a 125 mile undersea tunnel spanning the Bering Strait. Forget taking this with a grain of salt, you're gonna need the whole shaker. Read More >>

A US Company Now Owns This (Probably Fake) Cold Fusion Reactor

Cold fusion is a theoretical (and highly doubtful) reaction that makes huge amounts of energy. Last year, the inventor claimed his Energy Catalyser fusion device could produce electricity at 1% the cost of coal. This week, a North Carolina company bought the rights to the tech. Did they get bamboozled? Read More >>

The Best New Vaporware

It's the product that will never be. Like that sixth season of The Wire, we hope that it happens, but we know deep in our hearts that it won't. Intel's Nikiski ultrabookand its see-through-trackpad-display falls into that category. Read More >>