Even the Boring Corsa’s Going Electric

The boring old Vauxhall Corsa is about to become the thrilling new all-electric Vauxhall Corsa-hyphen-lowercase-e-for-electric, as a full battery-only model of the everyman car is included in this year's achingly tedious catalogue of new small Vauxhalls. Read More >>

Peugeot Just Agreed To Buy Vauxhall

PSA Group, the French firm behind Peugeot and Citroen, has agreed to pay just under £2bn for the European arm of General Motors, which includes German marque Opel and beleaguered British brand Vauxhall. This makes them one of the biggest carmakers in Europe, behind only Volkswagen. Read More >>

Vauxhall Surrenders to Facebook Fire-shaming and Recalls 220,000 Zafiras

The maker of the Zafira, the car that apparently has a propensity to spontaneously combust, has yielded to public disquiet, with Vauxhall announcing a full recall of 220,000 Zafira B models due to mass public concern about them going up in flames. Read More >>

Vauxhall Offers Free Safety Checks for all Worried Zafira Owners

The car safety issue that has set small parts of the world literally on fire has now been addressed by Vauxhall, which says any worried owners of Zafira models that are concerned their car might randomly burst into flames can have a free safety check. Read More >>

Vauxhall Zafira Drivers Aren’t Too Pleased That Their Cars are Bursting Into Flames

Facebook group Vauxhall Zafira car fires is gathering some serious momentum, with over 5,000 people signing up to back a campaign calling for Vauxhall to launch an investigation into how and why some Zafiras appear to be going up in flames. Read More >>

Vauxhall is Developing Smarter Headlights That Will Follow a Driver’s Gaze

There are already cars on the road with intelligent headlights that can sweep left or right to improve visibility as a vehicle steers into a turn. But Vauxhall/Opel is developing next-generation headlight systems that can keep track of where a driver's looking, and automatically re-direct the lights in that direction. Read More >>

Vauxhall’s New Monza Concept Car is Full of Gadgety Goodies

Initially unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show last September, Vauxhall's Monza concept car has made its first outing in the UK, showing off a range of swishy electronics that the company says heralds the design and vision for their next generation of intelligent vehicles. Read More >>

Helicopter crash in Vauxhall central London crane collision
Helicopter Hits Crane and Crashes In London’s Vauxhall

It sounds like something out of a bad movie, but apparently an unidentified helicopter has just collided with a crane on top of a building in Vauxhall, Central London, bringing the chopper down, and the crane with it. Read More >>

An Inflatable Cowboy-and-Horse Costume Is Your Perfect-Outfit-For-a-Jog Deal of the Day

Today’s top offer isn’t a piece of white-hot, state-of-the-art technology but it’s guaranteed to turn heads just as much as the new iPad or one of those portable 3D TVs on wheels that you can attach to your waist and watch as you walk. Read More >>