Tesco Readies Own-Brand Vegan Sausage Roll

All traces of sausage are to be removed from a new sausage roll option in Tesco bakeries next week, if a report from the underground investigative vegan newswires are to be believed. Read More >>

Morrisons Now Has Vegan Mozzarella Sticks

Veganism has hit critical mass and all the supermarkets are stepping up their efforts to provide plant-based food to grab a piece of that sweet vegan pound. Read More >>

Quorn Joins the Beetroot Blood Burger Trend

The people at Quorn, who must be a bit pissed off that meat alternatives are so popular now when they've been doing them for ages, is launching a newer, fatter, bloodier* burger for all the new vegans we have nowadays. Read More >>

McDonald’s is Trialling Vegan McNuggets

No one tell the gammons – McDonald's is doing vegan McNuggets now. Read More >>

A Vegan Cream Egg is Set to be 2019’s Next Alt-Food Smash

This is a cream egg not a Creme Egg before you start, as it has nothing to do with the Cadbury option. It's a hand-injected or hand-slapped together independent cream-filled egg assembled by a family team in Cottingham, East Yorkshire, that is now available to buy online for the first time to satisfy the unmet Easter needs of vegans across the country. Read More >>

Greggs’ Vegan Sausage Roll Leads to 10 Per Cent Profit Surge

Not everyone on the British high street is having a terrible time: beloved bakery Greggs has just improved its profit projections for the third time in as many months, and it's all down to the humble vegan sausage roll. Read More >>

All of NatWest is Sorry for Staff Member’s Vegan-Punching Verbal Rampage

NatWest has cranked up the apology machine and even gone so far as to issue financial compensation to a customer, after one of its staff members told a woman on the phone that "all vegans should be punched in the face." Read More >>

Aldi’s Launching Realistic-Looking Vegan Burgers

Being vegan is in now. While there are still those insufferable vegan snobs in the world (like a certain animal rights organisation), ditching animal-based food for vegetables is a cool thing to do. It's to the point where every company around has realised they can cash in on that market with vegan-friendly food. Now Aldi is joining them all, with new burgers that are meant to look like actual beef. Read More >>

Hotel Targets the Vegan Pound With Non-Leather Finishes and a Buckwheat Pillow

One particular branch of the Hilton hotel is now offering a full vegan experience, and they're not talking about the types of sausage at breakfast time. Read More >>

Scammers Resell Greggs’ Vegan Sausage Roll on eBay

Yes, it has happened. The Greggs vegan sausage roll has been such a smash that canny customers are buying up stocks to resell online for profit, with several of the thrilling new hot snacks appearing for sale online – and quickly disappearing. The new sausage roll is already nailed on for inclusion in 2019's year-end success story montage. Read More >>

The Vegan Greggs Sausage Roll is Here to Save Veganuary

Veganuary pledge looking a little shaky and flakier than a steak bake crust after less than 36 hours? Don't panic. Greggs is about to save the day, as from tomorrow, Jan 3, it's to begin stocking an all-new, all-vegan "sausage" roll. It's a Quorn sausage, obviously, in news that's equally as amazing for the Quorn producer as it is for vegans. Read More >>

Vegan Irn-Bru Sandwiches Exist Now

We didn't think there was much of a crossover between Irn-Bru fans and vegans, but either we were wrong or a café is about to go bust, because it's gone to all the effort of creating a sandwich that combines the two. Read More >>

Pie & Mash Seller Blames Vegans for Business Collapse

One of London's older pie & mash shops is going to sell its last ladle of mysterious liquor in a fortnight's time, as the Deptford branch of AJ Goddard's Pie and Mash is going out of business. Read More >>

There’s Vegan Electricity Now Too

People worried about accidentally aiding the processing of animals into tasty fridge snacks requiring minimal chewing: good news has arrived. There's vegan electricity now, eliminating troublesome animal by-products from the process of charging your telephone. Read More >>

Fake Stews: Sainsbury’s to Sell Vegan Meats Alongside the Animal Originals

Vegans are going to have more than the usual two things to choose from in the near future, as supermarket Sainsbury's is preparing to flood the food feeds of the UK with a new range of fake meats designed to be nearer to the taste and feel of the real thing. Read More >>