Cooking the New Impossible Burger Makes Me Hungry for Beef

Impossible Foods finally started selling its new fake ground beef in grocery stores in the US. We got our hands on a couple of bricks of the stuff and cooked up some burgers and tacos. They tasted good! The feeling of raw Impossible chuck between my fingers, however, is something I will not soon forget. Read More >>

Impossible Burgers Aren’t Healthy, and That’s the Whole Point

When you go to a restaurant and order a hamburger, do you think to yourself, “Ah, yes, this meal will be so nutritious”? Or do you try to ignore the calorie count while thinking, “I want the greasy sandwich that will taste so good but make me feel so bad”? I’m guessing it’s closer to the latter. So why is it suddenly a big deal that plant-based burgers, designed to mimic the flavour and texture of beef hamburgers while potentially being better for the planet, aren’t that healthy? Read More >>

The UK Will Be Vegan by 2030, Says Researcher

A researcher known as 'the Vegan Engineer' has predicted the whole country will be vegan by the year 2030. Read More >>

Is it Time to Make Meat Obsolete?

Let’s face it, vegans can have a bad rep. To the majority of meat eaters, vegans conjure up images of insufferable, preachy, pale-skinned students who smell of B.O. and mushrooms. The types that wear organic hemp clothing that was crafted by Peace Lily back at the ashram, and they will thrust their gluten-free agave lentil biscuits at you to try and tempt you to hop the fence. Sadly, these tend to be drier than the Kalahari desert and have the flavour profile of plasterboard. Read More >>

The Greatest Flamewar of 2018 Is Two Redditors Calling Each Other ‘Twat’ for Four Straight Weeks

No matter how wrong you are or how petty the infraction, the only rule of an online slapfight is to never, ever back down. As a result, a Russian novel’s worth of insults have been written on Our Cursed Internet, ranging from incisive quips to sourced-and-cited takedowns. For two Redditors with strong feelings and a limited vocabulary, however, their public feud amounts to 28 days worth of “twat.” Read More >>

New Study Shows What Would Happen If the Entire USA Went Vegan

If you were to ask all of your friends what an ideal society looks like, I’m sure you’d receive vastly different answers. Maybe someone will suggest a society without war where everyone works together to solve problems. Your friend who just finished an Ayn Rand book will say something stupid. And maybe your vegan friend will pipe up and suggest a society without animal agriculture. Read More >>

Morrissey to GM CEO: Vegan Cars

Speaking on behalf of floppy-haired environmentalists everywhere, casually racist angst man Morrissey urged General Motors to offer vegan-friendly versions of its hybrid and electric vehicles on Monday. Read More >>