There’s a Quorn Shortage Because of Veganuary

It's a story that people would have found hard to believe just a few years ago, when Quorn – and indeed veganism – was still considered something of a punchline. But with rapidly swelling numbers of vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians and Veganuary participants, Quorn stocks have run seriously low in the UK. Read More >>

Peperami Tries to be Edgy by Offering Free Meat Tubes Outside Popular Vegan Hangouts

Today is the last day of Veganuary, that pretend month-long holiday where some people will try to go vegan and see how long they can last without eating meat, cheese, or something else like that. Obviously the hope is some people will find that it's super easy, and adopt the vegan lifestyle full time, or at least until the call for ice cream becomes unavoidable. Read More >>

Burger King UK Launches Plant-Based Whopper, But Vegans and Vegetarians Can’t Eat It

Veganuary. It's a thing now. And it means every January food chains jump on the bandwagon to offer their own meat-free spin on their most popular mouth fillers. This year we've already had KFC, AldiSubway and Greggs unveiling veggie products that promise to be just as good as the animal-derived option and now Burger King are getting in on the action with their plant-based Rebel Whopper. Read More >>

Subway Joins the Plant-Based Fast Food Trend With a Meatless Meatball Marinara

It's January Veganuary, and every food outlet wants to be damn sure we know about it by introducing some new plant-based options to its menu. Just yesterday, KFC launched its vegan burger and Aldi rolled out a bunch of vegan-friendly ready meals. And today is Subway's turn: the sandwich king has announced its meatless meatball marinara sub. All the joys of tucking into a gooey, messy meatball sub with none of the meat. Read More >>

Aldi Releases Vegan Ready Meals for Veganuary

Are you interested in going vegan, but also quite lazy? Well, Aldi has you covered with its new range of vegan ready meals, available in stores from today. Read More >>

KFC’s Vegan Burger is Coming to a Branch Near You

Veganuary is big business these days, and more and more of us are sticking to plant-based food the rest of the year as well. Read More >>

Veganuary Adverts Banned From Arriva Buses

A group of independent climate change pressure vegans have been told their controversial adverts on buses in Shropshire and Telford need to be removed, not because of complaints – although there have coincidentally been some – but because the approvals process wasn't correctly followed. Read More >>

Sorry Snowflakes, Greggs’ Vegan Sausage Roll is Going Nationwide

Despite all the huge and potentially world-changing things going on in at the moment, a load of red-faced angerbots still found the time to chuck their toys out of the pram at the news that Greggs would offer a vegan sausage roll. Read More >>