Newsagent Food of Last Resort Goes Vegetarian Too

The emergency food of young people with strong constitutions, bulletproof metabolisms and zero sense of shame is going vegetarian too, as pre-packaged burger specialist Rustlers is about to launch a meat-free choice for the casual eaters and microwave-owners of the nation who buy food and vaping fluids from the same outlet. Read More >>

The Vegetarian Butcher Launches New Plant-Based Line in Supermarkets and Will Be Touring the UK

Meat-free butchers are a thing again as we hurtle towards World Vegetarian day on October 1. Read More >>

McDonald’s Launches Vegetarian Happy Meal for Self-Determining Kids

Today is turning out to be quite the historical turning point in the history of non-meat, mass market foodstuffs, as a full vegetarian McDonald's Happy Meal is launching, to join the Greggs vegan sausage roll on the lunch options list of both the soft and hard vegetarians. Read More >>

Meat Aisle Masturbator Banned From all UK Supermarkets

Newcastle-under-Lyme man Eugenio Freitas is going to be stuck buying his shopping from newsagents and petrol stations for the next few years, after admitting outraging public decency by enjoying a 10-minute wank in the meat aisle of his local Sainsbury's. Read More >>

The Most Advanced Fake Meat in the World Is Still Gross

I've never understood the desire of some vegetarians to make their food resemble meat; it's creepy and seems to contradict their love of vegetables. Sadly, the practice shows now sign of stopping so, with some reluctance, I present to you the most advanced fake meat in the world. Read More >>