The Boosted Scooter Is a Blast

Electric scooters are dangerous. It seems like you can’t go a day without seeing a scary story in the news reminding the world of this fact. People die riding these things. So it wasn’t surprising when Boosted emphasised safety in announcing its new e-scooter. The £1,600 Boosted Rev has three brakes, wide handlebars, fat tyres, and a bombproof frame. It also has a top speed of 24 miles per hour, which as I learned after two weeks riding the Rev, is as thrilling as it is terrifying. Read More >>

The Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Will be Arriving in Lego Form Next Week

Have you ever looked at all the fancy real-life cars Lego's made and wished there was something more suitable for the two-wheel lovers out there? Well, there's some good news if any of you are out there, because Lego has announced that the next Creator Expert set will be a recreation of Harley-Davidson's Fat Boy motorbike. Read More >>

The Seat Minimó is Another Hyperconnected Vehicle With Built-in 5G Technology

Mobile World Congress 2019 made the perfect place to unveil the Seat Minimó. Like most modern cities, Barcelona has too many cars, bikes and scooters, but when the event is on the city is even more gridlocked than normal. It’s a hellish vortex of stationary traffic that centres on Fira, the venue where the tech action happens. Add on industrial action so public transport is patchy at best and Uber drivers being hounded out of town by irate taxi drivers and getting around is a time-consuming and tension-filled experience. Read More >>

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Harley-Davidson’s All-Electric LiveWire is Just Too Quiet

Owning a Harley-Davidson is a big deal. The iconic motorcycle conjures up a vision of freedom, the open road and, er, noise. Harley’s raucous louder-than-hell V-twin engines have been deafening the neighbours and blending bikers vital organs forever, but now the iconic American brand has its eyes on the electric market. To the shock and disgust of many who love the Milwaukee-headquartered company’s two-wheeled machines, Harley-Davidson used CES 2019 to show off the LiveWire, a bike that gets on down the road using future-friendly battery power. Read More >>

Don’t Buy a Car, Buy a Pickup!

Even if you don’t drive you’ll know that potholes here in the UK are a big, big problem. And, it’s a problem that’s getting worse, thanks to a lack of investment and a ‘patch it up’ mentality rather than a cohesive plan for revitalising Britain’s road network that includes over 24,000 miles of surfaces that need repairing. Read More >>

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UPS Copies Royal Mail, Deploys Fleet of Electric Delivery Vans Across London and Paris

Last year Royal Mail started trialling new 'green' (actually red) delivery vans powered by electricity, in conjunction with Oxfordshire-based EV company Arrival. Following the success of that trial UPS is doing the noble thing of copying Royal Mail and deploying it's own fleet of electric delivery vans, also with the help of Arrival. The only difference is it will be deploying them in both London and Paris. Read More >>

Police in Dubai Are Getting Real, Very Dangerous Looking Hoverbikes

Police in Dubai may soon have access to functional hoverbikes, according to AutoBlog, which reported the Dubai Police unveiled the new technology in conjunction with Russian company Hoversurf at the Gulf Information Technology Exposition last week. Read More >>

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Royal Mail is Launching New All-Electric ‘Green’ Vans

What with transporting and delivering letters and parcels all over the country, Royal Mail isn't the most environmentally friendly of operations. But the postal service looks to be making a change in that regard, because today it started trialling new all-electric delivery vans. Read More >>

You Can Own the Original ‘Just Two Years Away’ Flying Car for £3.86 Million

After spending 40 years and unspeakable amounts of investor money to make his dream a reality, Paul Moller’s flying car is finally available for purchase. But because flying cars are perpetually “just two years away,” Moller is actually auctioning off his original prototype, not a production model. Read More >>

This Dystopian Riot Control Truck Is the Vehicle of the Future

We all want to believe that the future is filled with amazing technology, the end of disease, interplanetary travel, and a thriving environment. But the good folks at Bozena Security Systems know that the future is made of armoured plating and riot gear. Read More >>

This Motorcycle With Snowmobile Tracks is the Most Overkill Way to Crush Your Winter Commute

Forget about trying to cram your way onto an already packed underground carriage when it’s snowy and you need to get to work. Motorcycle maker Christini has applied its expertise in building two-wheel drive bikes to a new snow-thrashing machine called the II-Track Snow Bike system that promises to make wintery commutes actually enjoyable. Read More >>

This Giant Car Condom is the Easiest Way to Keep Your Vehicle Clean

If you avoid trips to the beach because you don’t want your car getting filled with sand, or won’t buy a real Christmas tree because you don’t want to spend weeks cleaning up pine needles, this giant car condom will keep the inside of your vehicle looking as clean and new as the day it rolled out of the salesroom. Read More >>

Elon Musk: Fully Self-Driving Tesla Car Almost Ready and Will “Blow People’s Minds”

After years of dithering, I've only just managed to get around to getting a provisional driver's license. But if Elon Musk has his way, it won't be worth the laminated card it's printed on before long – the Tesla boss has teased that the company's first fully-autonomous driverless car is almost ready to be revealed. Read More >>

Jaguar Land Rover Gears Up for Semi-Autonomous UK Car Tests (and The Features Sound Genius)

Whether it's putting augmented reality ghost cars on your windshield or eye-tracking wipers, Jaguar Land Rover's really aiming to stay ahead of the in-car technological curve these past few years. Having announced that it's preparing to go off-road with its semi-autonomous vehicles, it's now also gearing up to bring the test cars to real UK roads too. Read More >>

You’ll Be Able to Buy an Electric Harley-Davidson Motorcycle in the Next Five Years

Harley-Davidson, perhaps the most well-known motorcycle manufacturer in the world, is ready to accelerate into the world of electric vehicles. Read More >>