Benjamin Bratt Joins Ava Duvernay’s DMZ as Parco Delgado

The comic book acting veteran will return as one of the DMZ’s most charismatic figures in HBO’s adaptation of the Vertigo book. Read More >>

Rosario Dawson Will Headline Her Very Own Comic Book Show

She’s voiced Wonder Woman and Batgirl, and appeared in Sin City, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and The Defenders. And yet, despite that incredible comic book resumé, Rosario Dawson has never lead her own comic book project. Until now. Read More >>

G. Willow Wilson and Nick Robles Will Take the Reins of The Dreaming Next Year

As announced this weekend during New York Comic Con, G. Willow Wilson, the comics writer who first brought Kamala Khan to the page, will be taking up as the writer of The Dreaming, DC’s ongoing set in the Dreaming, the seat of power for Dream of the Endless. Joining her will be artist Nick Robles (Doctor Mirage). Read More >>

The Hidden Trick in Almost Every Classic Hitchcock Scene

Hitchcock is the unquestioned master of suspense. But what is it about his scenes that makes them so gripping, and why do they stand up to repeated viewings, even when you know the twist? Read More >>

Disney’s New Rolling Robot Climbs Walls Like a Gecko

Not even walls can stop Disney’s and ETH Zurich’s new four-wheeled robot called VertiGo that can quickly transition from rolling on the ground to climbing obstacles like a gecko—and without those sticky feet. Read More >>

These GIFs Might Actually Make You Sick

I'd trade a good friend for a decent GIF, and these animated blasts through San Francisco are no exception. They might, however, make you puke. Don't click these if you're nursing a hangover today. Read More >>

There Is a House Sprouting From Atop This 7-Storey Building

Fallen Star, a cottage built from scratch and permanently joined to an existing building on the campus of UC San Diego, is the latest piece of work from South Korean installation artist Do Ho Suh. Read More >>