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Watching a VHS Tape Melt Is Like Seeing Obsolescence Happen in Real Time

According to the folks who made this video of a melting VHS tape, it took 160 hours in an acetone vapour bath to liquify the relic of the Blockbuster age. 20,000 photos later, we have a visual record of the process. And while it starts out a little slow, the footage eventually hit all of my internet video pleasure zones. Read More >>

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The 2016 Tech Obituary: Remembering the Gadgets That Didn’t Survive The Year

As a whole, 2016 has been a bit of a bummer. If it wasn’t Britain doing its best to kick itself in the nuts and the US looking to, ahem, trump that, we had to deal with legends including David Bowie, Alan Rickman and Ronnie Corbett heading to the VIP party in the sky. Throughout all this though, the tech scene was getting away pretty lightly. Heck, we even got some cool new kit to play with. Read More >>

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VHS Tapes Were Awesome, But Were They Bad? An Investigation

I have to take issue with the title of this video, VHS tapes were not “bad.” They were awesome. They were incredible little movie-playing contraptions that snapped, rolled and clunked, and they smelled weird. But yes, it is worth putting their image quality to the test, so let this video walk you through it in the hi-def era. Read More >>

Are You Sitting on a Fortune With These Rare VHS Collectors Items?

The musty, cobweb-covered antique people over at have compiled a list of what they believe are the 25 most valuable VHS titles on the market, and we’ll be impressed if you’ve heard of more than five of them. Read More >>

The Top Ten VHS Tapes People Still Buy

Believe it or not, people still buy VHS tapes. The ageing format has been in decline for years, but between the collectors and the luddites, there’s a big enough market for Amazon to maintain a massive library of tapes for sale. You’d never guess what tops the “New and Popular” list. Read More >>

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The Weird, Hypnotic World of VHS Intros

Have you stared into the soul of internet today? No? Well, here's your chance. The folks over at Everything is Terrible have taken 50 VHS production company intros—those little animations that played on tapes back when you still used them—and layered them into a single deeply disturbing video. Read More >>

Skateboards With VHS Tape-Inspired Decks Let You Rewind a Few Decades

The thought that today's kids will certainly have no concept of what VHS cassettes were is a little sad for those of us who grew up taping TV, rewinding movies, and messing with that mysterious tracking dial. But VHS cassette tapes will be far from forgotten as long as a few skateboarders embrace these retro-styled decks from 5BORONYC. Read More >>

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Betamax vs. VHS: How Sony Lost the Original Home Video Format War

Remember a few years ago when Blu-ray battled HD-DVD in the high-def DVD format war? Sony and Blu-ray ultimately won out, but there was a time when the electronics giant wasn't as successful in getting its way. Read More >>

YouTube Celebrates 57 Years of VCR With an Analogue Video Mode

Do not adjust your computer screens. There's no problem with YouTube, other than the fact that it's getting a little misty eyed — by choosing to celebrate the 57th anniversary of the VCR with a little added analogue character on its digital videos. Read More >>

This Tower of VHS Tapes Looks Like a Shrine to Some Dark Lord of TV

Italian artist Lorenzo Durantini made this 5-foot tall tower from his collection of 2,216 VHS tapes. It looks like a shrine to the TV demons. Or, if you believe that TV makes you stupid, a monolith that turns people to monkeys on touch. Unless these are all 2001 tapes. Read More >>

A Gigantic Skull Made From VHS Tapes and CDs Is a Fitting After Life for Dead Media

I have a gigantic case full of CDs that I have no idea what to do with. Do I toss them out? Do I save them for my kids? I'm sure other people have the same questions with their dead physical media—CDs, video tapes, DVDs, soon to be Blu-Rays—what's going to happen to all of that? Why not turn it into a giant skull like what artist Noah Scalin did? Read More >>

The Rest of Your Furniture Only Wishes It Could Be as Awesome as This VHS Coffee Table

VHS might not be able to compete with digital media in terms of picture quality or audio fidelity but it had that feel, that soul, that only analog can provide. This coffee table captures the same sense of warm fuzz as analog technology, only in hand-crafted teak. Read More >>