Apparently Everything Needs AI These Days, Even the Vibrators

AI is the new big thing in the tech industry, so naturally it has to be included in just about everything. Speakers, cameras, photo galleries, and... vibrators? That's what Vibease wants to do, because it's launched a Kickstarter page for a new lip-stick shaped vibrator that has some AI integration built in. No I'm really not making this up. Read More >>

CES 2018: Smart Vibrator Data is Being Used to Create Art

There are some weird uses of technology out there in the world, but this one seems to take it to the next level. Lioness, creators of a smart vibrator, are using data from its devices to create an art installation over at CES. Read More >>

If Your Vibrator Is Hacked, Is It a Sex Crime?

On a recent trip to Berlin, Alex Lomas’ acquaintance posed him a challenge: Can you find a Bluetooth-enabled butt plug in the wild, and can you turn it on without its owner’s help? Lomas, a penetration tester with the British cybersecurity firm Pen Test Partners, pulled out his phone, consulted the detection app LightBlue, and quickly identified a Lovense Hush, purportedly “the most powerful vibrating buttplug on the market,” that Lomas says was nestled in the rear end of a stranger. What’s more, that Hush was vulnerable, open to hacking by anyone who knew how. Read More >>

Hands On With the Vibrator That Wants to be the Smartest Sex Toy in the World

Liz Klinger admits that the Lioness isn’t the world’s greatest vibrator. It won’t work perfectly for every person who uses it. “No vibrator is for everybody. You’d have to have, like, a Play-Doh thing that has a motor in it,” she told me in a crowded coffee house at lunch hour. Read More >>

Smart Sex Toy Maker Sued for Sneakily Collecting ‘Intimate’ Data

When it comes to gadgets, few bonds are more sacred than the one shared by a sex toy and its user. Sadly, one woman claims her smartphone-connected vibrator betrayed that love, sending (extremely) personal data to Canadian dildo maker Standard Innovation. Read More >>

“Smart” Vibrator Could be Hacked and Remotely Activated

Today's connected world horror story from the Def Con 24 event concerns the security of sex toys, with a team of researchers suggesting that the internet-enabled We-Vibe 4 Plus sends data home when it's being used -- and could even potentially be turned on remotely by someone not connected to the sexy Skype chat. Read More >>

Woman Does Lord’s Work, Makes Smart Vibrator

The vagina and clitoris are a mysterious things. No, seriously they are. Scientists make big bucks studying the penis, but the vagina and clitoris often languish in official research circles. They languish in the bedroom too. Read More >>

If This Product is Real, We’ve Passed Peak Vibrator

Someone please tell me this is a hoax. Announced yesterday with a tweet, the IziVibe claims to be a vibrating dildo you attach to your phone. Read More >>

There’s Already an Apple Watch-Compatible Sex Toy

If you're still on the fence about getting yourself one of Apple's wrist-computers, there's one new accessory that'll either have you sold or put you off for life. It's the world's first Apple Watch-controlled vibrator. Read More >>

Vibrators Don’t Have to Look Like Giant Dicks Anymore

A vibrator’s basic job is really quite simple, so long as you’re using it as a sex toy instead of unclenching a charley horse or working out some lower back pain. Vibrators are supposed to rapidly stimulate sexually sensitive sensory neurons. That’s it. They could look like anything. But until recently, they often looked like a garish dick. Read More >>

Minna Limon, a Fucking Adorable, and Versatile, Vibrator

If Crave’s Flex is the Linux of vibrators, with its long menu of settings and programmable waveforms, Minna Life’s Limon is more like a slimmed down iPhone app. It lets you change just one variable – the strength of the buzz – with an equally simple and intuitive method: how hard you squeeze. Read More >>

Your Sex Life is an Engineering Project

Everything is hackable — you can jailbreak your phone to get better apps, but you can also mod your own eyeballs to have night vision. Where do we go from there? Your libido, of course. Programmable vibrators are the new frontier in customisable gadgets, and we got a taste of what they’re like. Read More >>

Crave Vesper Review: A Stealth Vibrator That’s Also a Necklace

Let's face it. There are two reasons you'd want to use a vibrator: because you are a gadget-lover who can't imagine anything, including sex, without a little technology involved; or because you just want to have an orgasm, and fast. But with the Crave Vesper, there is a third possibility. Read More >>

Vibrator App Installers Beg for its Removal From iTunes History

Users of app iVibe that's described as a "massager" for your feet and "personal areas" are now begging to have it removed from their download list, as morning-after shame and realisation dawns. Read More >>

Go Deep Inside This Vibrator Factory

For all the mystique surrounding the female orgasm, vibrators are a surefire way for lots of ladies to get their kicks. I recently took a tour of Crave, a sex toy company that prototypes and fabricates its products in San Francisco. Here's a peek inside. Read More >>