Blackmagic’s Pocket Cinema Camera 4K Shoots Incredibly Beautiful, Incredibly Versatile Video

Blackmagic isn’t a household name like Canon or Sony, but it’s well-established within the film community. It’s long had a reputation for making cinema cameras built to compete with cameras that cost tens of thousands of pounds at a far more approachable price-point. Its latest, the Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, comes gunning for the indie filmmaker working on a shoestring budget, and ultimately its footage really delivers—but only if you know what you’re doing. Read More >>

Sony 4K Action Cam Review: Still Not Enough to Beat GoPro

Can Sony catch GoPro? It keeps coming close. Each new Sony action cam almost manages to reach GoPro’s lauded quality, but doesn’t quite seal the deal. With the new high-end 4K Action Cam, Sony looked like it might actually leapfrog GoPro’s flagship Hero4 Black. It doesn’t. Read More >>

Can 4K Make Camcorders Worth Buying Again?

Remember camcorders? They were those things you shot crappy video of your friends and family with, back before every phone and still camera on Earth gained the ability to shoot decent high-definition video. This year, they're trying to ride 4K all the way to a comeback. Read More >>

Panasonic’s Lumix GH4 Packs 4K Video into a Tidy Mirrorless Shooter

Accessible 4K video shooting is still in its infancy, but it was only a matter of time before it started showing up in consumer cameras. The Panasonic GH line's history of robust video capability makes it a natural fit for 4K, and the new Lumix GH4 squeezes as much as it can into a familiar frame. Read More >>

This Intense Carbon Fiber RED Dragon Camera Will Film Game of Thrones

In case you forgot, the RED Dragon is the latest 6K video-recording, insane dynamic-range-producing, probably-fire-breathing camera. This particular model is cased in carbon fibre, and will be put to the test filming the next season of Game of Thrones. Read More >>

Sony AX1: A 4K Camcorder That Doesn’t Cost Ten Grand

As TV manufacturers and broadcasters gear up to deliver 4K video to people's living rooms, there still aren't many options for regular folk who want to shoot super high resolution footage of their own. Sony wants to lead that charge with a new camcorder that will make 4K simple, manageable, and most of all (relatively) affordable. With, of course, some compromises. Read More >>

Can Panasonic’s A100 HD Action Cam Muscle in on GoPro’s Turf?

Panasonic claims its new wearable HD camcorder will be perfect for adrenaline junkies and recreation-seekers alike — but can it compete in a market that's already dominated by GoPro? Read More >>

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A Sony Handycam HD Is Your “I’m a Real Film-maker!” Deal of the Day

Here's the big question -- in this era of phones and tablets with HD cameras, is there still room for the tried and trusted handheld camcorder? Read More >>

Watch the Black Magic Cinema Camera Crush the Canon 5D Mark III’s Video Quality

The Black Magic Cinema Camera, if you remember from its surprise announcement this spring, is a £2,000 video camera that shoots 12-bit RAW 2.5k video files. No other camera on the market offers this capability at such a low price. Read More >>

The Objectively Best Video Camera Is Revealed in Shootout

Back in June, we wrote about the surprising conclusions that seasoned filmmakers such as Francis Ford Coppola came to, after viewing Zacuto's Revenge of the Great Camera Shootout 2012. The contest made many think again about video camera capabilities. Well, now the final piece to the documentary has been revealed, those same viewers might have to think AGAIN about thinking again. Read More >>

According To Francis Ford Coppola, A £500 Video Camera Beats A £41,500 One

Zacuto USA goes to great lengths to compare nine HD video cameras in The Revenge Of The Great Camera Shootout 2012. With all the footage shot and judged, the camera most favoured by many accomplished filmmakers—including Francis Ford Coppola—was a huge surprise. Read More >>

Can You Really Shoot Print-Quality Portraits With a Red Epic Video Camera?

There are murmurings in the tech word that eventually still cameras will be replaced with video cameras, and photographers will simply pore through thousands of frames to find the perfect shot. And curious if that day had already come, Fstoppers pitted a Red Epic against a Hasselblad H3D-22. Read More >>

Digital Cameras Could Soon Be Able to Shoot Video for Longer Than Ever—But Is That Better?

It's weird that topnotch DSLRs like the Canon 5D Mark III or the Nikon D800 can only shoot 30 minutes of video at a time. It's hugely frustrating that it's not a tech-based bottleneck at all. But the limit might be lifted soon—no thanks to camera companies, though. Read More >>

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Lomography LomoKino Lightning Review: Lights! Camera! And…Crank the Handle to Film the Action!

Lomography has reached back into the past, rummaged around a bit, and pulled out their own version of a 35mm movie-maker. Novelty it may be, but at £65, that dinky black LomoKino box is one of the Austrian brand's cheapest-ever analogue cameras. Read More >>

Lomokino Is Lomography’s Dinky 35mm Video Camera

Styled kind of like an old Kodak Brownie, Lomography's first-ever video camera, the Lomokino, shoots video on ordinary rolls of 35mm film with a little crank of a handle. Capable of squeezing up to 50 seconds of footage onto a standard 36-frame roll, the finished results are a real throw back to ye olden days. Read More >>