My Sim is an Environmentalist Who Knows How to Have a Good Time

Elsie Pruitt, a young brown queer woman from Evergreen Harbor, kicks off her weekends by voting. From Friday at 8 a.m. to Monday at 6 p.m., the aspiring green technician can head to her community voting board across the street to vote on whatever changes she wants to see in her neighbourhood, Grimms Quarry. One week, it’s clean energy. The next, it’s water conservation. Read More >>

Get a Glimpse at Cyberpunk 2077’s Gritty World in This Exclusive Art Book Preview

If you’re looking forward to the Keanu Reeves-starring Cyberpunk 2077, we have a homework assignment for you. Dark Horse and CD Projekt Red are about to release a 200-page hardcover book detailing the lore of the entire world months before the video game pops into your console, and Gizmodo has an exclusive sneak peek. Read More >>

The Last of Us Part II Is a Painful, Beautiful, Emotional Roller Coaster

In the best possible way, The Last of Us Part II is hard. Not the overall challenge or its controls – gameplay is secondary to the emotional toll the story takes on you. It’s not a game that lets you choose what path to take: be the bad guy, be the good guy, etc. It forces you to be both and neither. To do things when you don’t want to, but also cathartically achieve moments you’ve been building toward. Depending on how you look at it, it can say a lot or nothing at all. Read More >>

The iPad Will Soon Allow Gamers to Play Using a Mouse and Keyboard

As Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference gets under way, we’re starting to see more and more features of its updated operating systems not revealed during yesterday’s opening keynote. That includes the ability to play games on the iPad using a mouse and keyboard instead of the touchscreen or a gamepad. Read More >>

star wars
Star Wars’ Not-So-Brief History of Fleeting LGBTQ+ Representation

The long road to meaningful representation of LGBTQ+ creatives and characters in our popular media is a history interwoven throughout decades of media narratives. For Star Wars, one of the biggest pieces of popular culture in living memory, that story has come in fits and starts – and in many ways, it’s still a story that is only just beginning. Read More >>

I Miss the Nintendo Virtual Boy

It’s rare for a company like Nintendo to release a console that isn’t at least popular amongst its fans – even the Wii U sold over 13 million units. But the Virtual Boy was one of the company’s biggest flops, delivering a disappointing 3D experience that left gamers seeing red: literally. Despite its bizarre hardware limitations and embarrassingly small game lineup, I genuinely miss the console that stands as a tribute to the risks Nintendo often takes towards the cause of innovating gaming. Read More >>

A Key Piece of The Last of Us TV Adaptation Has Been Revealed

The new game is out next Friday and the TV show has a pilot director. It’s a big week for post-apocalyptic tale The Last of Us. Read More >>

nintendo switch
This Nintendo Switch Painting App Includes a Pressure-Sensing Stylus Powered by Sound Waves

A popular painting app for the Nintendo DS and 3DS that relied on each handheld’s stylus is finally coming to the Switch. But instead of forcing users to paint with their fingers, Colors Live will include a stylus that cleverly uses the Switch’s headphone jack for pressure sensitivity and a better painting experience. Read More >>

Even Sega Thinks the New Game Gear Micro’s Screen is Too Small

Finally acknowledging that the original Game Gear was a hefty beast as far as handhelds go, Sega has just released details on its latest throwback console: a miniature version of the Game Gear that’s reminiscent of Nintendo’s Game Boy Micro. It’s tiny, but even Sega wonders if it’s too tiny, given the company will also be selling a screen magnifier accessory for its 1.15-inch screen. Read More >>

black mirror
Now’s the Time to Rewatch Black Mirror’s ‘Striking Vipers’

Charlie Brooker was quite right when he said that now really isn’t the time for new episodes of Black Mirror. But the fact that so many of us are self-isolating at home in the midst of a pandemic that’s made it so we can’t physically touch one another makes now a particularly excellent time to go back and (re)watch “Striking Vipers,” the first episode in Black Mirror’s fifth series. Read More >>

Hacker Permanently Solves Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Drift With a Touchpad Upgrade

After shutting down its repair centres over two months ago as a result of the pandemic, Nintendo is starting to reopen them again, which is good news for Switch owners still dealing with Joy-Con drift. Hacker Matteo Pisani came up with a different solution: a Switch without joysticks is a Switch that never experiences drift problems, so he upgraded his console with a touchpad instead. Read More >>

Lego’s Super Mario Is Getting a Bunch of Costume Upgrades Including a Cat Suit

Lego and Nintendo have been slowly trickling out sneak peeks of their upcoming playsets, including expansion packs and an ever-growing collection of buildable levels. Today Nintendo also revealed that Mario himself can also be upgraded through four different Power-Up Packs giving the hero new costumes and new abilities. Read More >>

I’m Completely Fascinated With this Handheld Wind-Up Pong Clone That Doesn’t Use Any Electronics

It’s absolutely primitive by today’s standards, but when Pong arrived in 1972, it was a technological marvel. So how did Tomy create a handheld knock-off of the game in 1977 when the electronics needed to miniaturise it didn’t exist yet? It created this mechanical alternative that might be one of the most bizarre portable gaming machines I’ve ever seen. Read More >>

This Upgraded NES Gamepad Doesn’t Actually Need an NES Console to Play Games

One-upping Nintendo’s efforts to shrink the original NES console, Taylor Burley sacrificed a tiny arcade cabinet to upgrade an old-school NES gamepad with not only a screen, but a small collection of retro titles that don’t need cartridges or even a console to play. Read More >>