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10 Videogame Characters That Are Way Better Than Humans This Valentine’s Day

Facing another Valentine's Day single? Or perhaps you've considered the human options available and deemed them all inferior? Either way, you needn't be alone this Love Day. Read More >>

First Zelda: Breath Of The Wild DLC Lets You Dress Up Like A Korok

We have our first look at DLC for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and it's pretty great. Read More >>

Feminist Frequency’s ‘Tropes Vs Women in Video Games’ Series Comes To An End

YouTube trolls must be happy today as Anita Sarkeesian's 'Tropes Vs Women in Video Games' series releases its last video, The Lady Sidekick. Read More >>

You Could Learn The Guitar In 3 Months If You’d Just Give Up Gaming

If we invested as much time into learning a new skill as we do videogames, we could all be multilingual musical geniuses, says a new survey. Read More >>

This Car Crash Looks Like It Was Coded By Bethesda

A BMW driver in Banbury managed to crash his car in the tidiest way possible yesterday: Read More >>

Twitch Has Basically Made ‘Twitter For Gamers’

We've all dreamed of a world where that one particular breed of angry, irritating gamer ragequit Twitter and went off to form their own bitter community, steeped in the comforting beliefs of Gamergate, RedPill and "no seriously it's harder to put women in games because of their hair. Boob physics though, we've got that down." Now, thanks to Twitch, it may actually be happening. Read More >>

You Can Be the Curiosity Rover in NASA’s New Driving Game

Admit it: In your heart, you’re a space robot, laughing at death on Mars, while you pop a wheelie over an underground water cavern. Now there’s a game that lets you take your true form. Read More >>

The World Needs These Star Wars and Indiana Jones Versions of Donkey Kong

Look at these amazing Star Wars and Indiana Jones — and Batman, and Sesame Street, and Dr. Who... — conversions of Donkey Kong. I want to play them so badly. Unfortunately, they are not real editions of the Nintendo's original arcade, but designs by Baznet. They make for awesome t-shirts, but they would make for even more awesome videogames. Read More >>

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True Nerd Love

Boy loves girl. Girl loves boy. Boy loves boy. Girl loves girl. Whatever. It all works. The only important thing is that you love each other and that you can keep playing your video games in any situation—including a stand-up subway cuddling session. Read More >>