Huawei’s 2010 Concept Video About the Year 2020 is Super Awkward

When I was a kid, the year 2020 seemed so far away. But now that “the future” is almost here, it’s fun to look back at what we thought 2020 might look like. Huawei, the world’s largest telecommunications company and a lightning rod for controversy in the U.S., had its own idea about what the year 2020 was going to entail. And let’s just say that it’s super awkward. Read More >>

YouTube to Roll out Its Recommendation Algorithms in the UK to Cut Down on Content It Deems Harmful

YouTube has its sight set on the UK as the next market where it will trial algorithms designed to suppress content it deems as conspiracy theories, and misinformation. Read More >>

You Can Help the Bees With Your Wanking, All Thanks to Pornhub

Bees are important. Well most insects are, even if we don't like it when they get into our houses or disturb our picnics. But bees are generally pretty cool gals, and even have their own movie. They're also important for pollinating plants, which keeps the whole planet alive. A lot of work has been done to try and save the bees, but Pornhub has decided it's not enough. It's kickstarting it's own bee-utiful scheme, which ordinary people can help out with alongside their usual wanking habits. Read More >>

This Site That Randomly Loads YouTube’s Most Unsearchable Videos Is Addictive as Hell

Do you miss the old days of YouTube? When the platform was dominated by random videos of people’s everyday lives; instead of movie trailers, commercials, clickbait, and lots of awfulness all vying for a place in your queue? A website called manages to strip that all away by randomly playing videos that were uploaded to YouTube with the camera’s default filename—and I can’t click away. Read More >>

OnePlus 6T Teardown Gives Us a Better Look at That In-Screen Camera

One of the best bits about a new phone release is waiting for the inevitable teardown video, in which someone with more money than us takes it to pieces and shows us the innards. Read More >>

Adobe Squeezed the Best Parts of Its Video Editing Suite into a New Mobile App

Adobe has embraced mobile photo editing with open arms, releasing robust apps like Lightroom for processing and perfecting your images on a phone. It hasn’t been quite as committed when it comes to mobile support for video production, which is why it’s nice to see its four-year-old Premiere Clip app being eclipsed by its new Project Rush which merges parts of Premiere, After Effects, and Audition into an all-in-one video app that lets producers master videos right from a mobile device. Read More >>

Gun Videos Have Been Banned From YouTube, Only to Reappear on Pornhub

In the wake of the many mass shootings that have taken place in the US over the past several months, YouTube has made several changes to its terms and conditions with regard to gun-related videos. Many of them are now banned from the site, but the problem is that they've just started appearing on Pornhub instead. Read More >>

This Dizzying Video Shows What You Can Buy on Amazon With However Much Is in Your Bank Account

What’s most impressive about Daniel Mckee’s videos is the filmmaker’s ability to organise thousands of images and then assemble them into an animated montage that’s both frantic and fascinating. With Amazon Rise, he’s edited three minutes of random Amazon products together based on their ascending prices, and I just want it to go on and on for hours. Read More >>

Huge Payment Processor Stripe Is Bailing on Bitcoin

In addition to providing a payments platform for big clients like Lyft, Facebook, and Target, Stripe has been supportive of cryptocurrencies for several years. On Tuesday, Stripe reiterated its support for a viable digital currency, but said that bitcoin just isn’t cutting it. Going forward, Stripe will no longer accept bitcoin as a payment method. Read More >>

Fireman Sam in Kitchen Table Sex Scene Shocker

Children's TV favourite Fireman Sam is in the midst of one of those sex scandals that all the celebrities are going through at the moment, after viewers caught him seemingly enjoying a bit of the old experimental bottom action over the kitchen table. Read More >>

Uber Doesn’t Deny What’s Clearly Happening in the Front Seat of This Driver’s Car

What the fuck is going on in the front seat of this car? It may be something else or it may be exactly what it looks like. Aner Manuel, a stylist in Boston, claims he captured the video of his Uber driver being “intimate” with a woman while driving him in mid-July. Of course, this would be unsafe (yes, drivers have killed people while getting road head before), but it would also be an inexcusable violation of Uber’s rules for drivers. Read More >>

How to Make the Best Videos for Snapchat and Instagram

Apple just pushed out its newest app, a mobile iMovie for the Snapchat generation—but it’s far from the only lightweight video editor you can get for your phone. Jazz up those clips of your pets and holidays before they hit Instagram and Snapchat with these mobile video editing suites, putting pro tools in your pocket. Read More >>

Incredible Animations Show Real Exoplanets Orbiting Their Stars

Scientists have detected thousands of exoplanets in recent years, by catching dips in light as they orbit their parent stars. These days, finding new ones isn’t usually such a big deal. But taking direct images of exoplanets, and turning them into videos so we can watch their orbits, makes these faraway worlds a little more real. Read More >>

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Hardcore Dude Socks It to Kangaroo to Save Dog

Pretty much every kind of flora and fauna in Australia can kill you. Seriously, take it from someone who was born there: Every crazy story you hear about Australian wildlife probably has some basis in reality. Read More >>