Fireman Sam in Kitchen Table Sex Scene Shocker

Children's TV favourite Fireman Sam is in the midst of one of those sex scandals that all the celebrities are going through at the moment, after viewers caught him seemingly enjoying a bit of the old experimental bottom action over the kitchen table. Read More >>

Uber Doesn’t Deny What’s Clearly Happening in the Front Seat of This Driver’s Car

What the fuck is going on in the front seat of this car? It may be something else or it may be exactly what it looks like. Aner Manuel, a stylist in Boston, claims he captured the video of his Uber driver being “intimate” with a woman while driving him in mid-July. Of course, this would be unsafe (yes, drivers have killed people while getting road head before), but it would also be an inexcusable violation of Uber’s rules for drivers. Read More >>

How to Make the Best Videos for Snapchat and Instagram

Apple just pushed out its newest app, a mobile iMovie for the Snapchat generation—but it’s far from the only lightweight video editor you can get for your phone. Jazz up those clips of your pets and holidays before they hit Instagram and Snapchat with these mobile video editing suites, putting pro tools in your pocket. Read More >>

Incredible Animations Show Real Exoplanets Orbiting Their Stars

Scientists have detected thousands of exoplanets in recent years, by catching dips in light as they orbit their parent stars. These days, finding new ones isn’t usually such a big deal. But taking direct images of exoplanets, and turning them into videos so we can watch their orbits, makes these faraway worlds a little more real. Read More >>

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Hardcore Dude Socks It to Kangaroo to Save Dog

Pretty much every kind of flora and fauna in Australia can kill you. Seriously, take it from someone who was born there: Every crazy story you hear about Australian wildlife probably has some basis in reality. Read More >>

How the Universe Could Annihilate Itself at the Speed of Light

Time now for a very cute video about a rather terrible prospect—the very grim possibility of the universe spawning a lethal bubble of pure vacuum that expands in all directions at the speed of light. Read More >>

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Today’s Mildly Amusing Topical Video is Theresa May Rapping the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Theme

A man's edited a video so it appears someone is saying something they actually weren't, and this one's topical. It's Theresa May rapping about her conservative feelings over the theme tune to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. It's as NOW as a Photoshopped image of Boris Johnson inside Pokemon Go. Read More >>

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When the Slingshot Guy is Inspired by the Hydraulic Press Guy

We love the destruction video channels: hydraulic presses, waterjets, and slingshots. Now, Joerg Sprave, the guy behind the Slingshot Channels has come up with his own version of a press. Read More >>

Non-Porn Porno Pulled Off YouTube Anyway

An edited version of a porn film that -- initially at least -- circumvented YouTube's censorship policy by not actually showing anything rude happening has been removed from YouTube all the same. Read More >>

The 12 Most Disliked Videos in YouTube History

YouTube's thumbs-based liking system has two uses. It lets you save things you like to a playlist, so you can seamlessly whizz from Utah Saints to Morrissey on your Chromecast in order to keep the party rocking and the guests amazed at the sheer depth of songs you remember from a brief period of the 1990s. Read More >>

The Best Data Visualisations of the Year Are Absolutely Incredible

The winners of the inaugural Data Stories Competition, which highlights some of the most creative and fascinating scientific data visualisations of the past year, have just been announced. Read More >>

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Why Nuclear Fusion Reactors Won’t Blow Up

Nuclear fusion holds promise as a safe, clean source of energy to power our future. We’re probably decades away from using fusion as a viable source of energy, but some experimental reactors are already online. Read More >>

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This Timelapse of Californian Wildfires Is Absolutely Apocalyptic

Filmmaker Jeff Frost has documented over two dozen wildfires in California over the past several years. To convey the extent of these blazes, he has put together a timelapse video showing them from a unique—and horrifying—perspective. Read More >>

YouTube Was Originally a Crap Dating Site

It’s been a bloody eye-opening few hours for fans of tech origin stories. After Steve Wozniak revealed that Apple wasn’t actually founded in a garage after all, YouTube co-founder Steve Chen has dropped his own bombshell. Read More >>

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Here’s the Video of Google’s Self-Driving Car Crashing into a Bus

Last month, one of Google’s clever, human-less cars bumped into a bus and GOOGLE ACTUALLY TOOK SOME RESPONSIBILITY FOR IT. The company described the collision as a ‘misunderstanding’ and a ‘classic example of the negotiation that’s a normal part of driving’, but that didn’t stop us from picturing wild explosions and flying debris. Read More >>