Vietnam Convicts Second Person This Week for Anti-Government Facebook Posts 

On Thursday, police in Vietnam reported that a court had jailed a 40-year-old man for two and a half years due to the comments included in his Facebook posts. This is the second Facebook-related imprisonment in the country in the past week. Read More >>

How a US Military Contractor Wanted to Use Jetpacks in the Vietnam War

When you think of jetpacks, your first thought is probably an image of some fun, carefree piece of pop culture like The Jetsons or James Bond. But jetpacks were serious business for the US military in the 1960s. And, believe it or not, there were plenty of futuristic ideas that involved deploying jetpacks on the battlefield in Vietnam. Read More >>

24 Countries Where the Money Contains Meat

This week, some people in Britain and Canada were shocked to learn that their money contains trace amounts of animal fat. The new banknotes use animal byproducts that are found in everything from credit cards and crayons to glue and soap. But We have confirmed that Britain and Canada aren’t the only ones. Read More >>

Vietnam Allegedly Restricted Facebook Access During Obama Visit

It was a big deal for the people of Vietnam when the President of the United States visited their country earlier this week. But sadly, posting about the event on Facebook proved rather difficult. Read More >>

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Saigon is Even More Beautiful When You’re Racing Through the City at Warp Speed

Shot using a DJI Osmo stabilised camera to ensure buttery smooth footage, Rufus Blackwell’s hyperlapse video of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam, somehow makes the city more beautiful even though you feel as if you’re racing through it at the speed of sound. If all holiday videos looked this captivating, you’d be happy to visit your friends after a trip. Read More >>

Riding Motorcycles and Ostriches in Vietnam’s Mountains

Want to see the mountains, forests and farms of the “real” Vietnam? Get away from the tourist hoards, get on a motorcycle and go. I just did that, and even got to ride an ostrich. Here’s how you can too. Read More >>

The Secret Weather Manipulation Program of the Vietnam War

"It's too bad the Post Office isn't as efficient as the Weather Service," Doc Brown says in the 1989 movie Back to the Future: Part II, referring to the fact that the weather could be manipulated by the government. But was that vision of the future really that futuristic? Read More >>

This Soaring Open-air Cafe Is Made From Giant Bamboo Fishing Baskets

In Vietnam, it's common to use bamboo baskets to catch fish and eels. Less common? To find the same type of bamboo structures supporting an entire building. This open-air beauty is the Kontum Indochine Cafe, in central Vietnam, and it looks like it's supported by 15 giant bamboo fishing baskets. Read More >>

Did the Construction Company Get the Plans for This Museum Upside Down?

This is the Hanoi Museum—in Hà Nội City, Vietnam—a beautiful 30,000 square metre building designed by gmp Architekten. I like the inverted pyramid design, but not as much I like its Guggenheim-ish spiral atrium inside. Read More >>

This Watch Might Have Saved Someone’s Life in Vietnam

Luxury watch makers seem to be caught up in an arms race to include the most exotic materials in their timepieces. From genuine volcanic ash, to metal from the Titanic, to a face stamped from the bodywork of one of the most recognisable symbols of the Vietnam War. Read More >>

This Foolish Vietnam Cop Almost Dies Riding On a Criminal’s Windshield

Watch this Vietnamese traffic cop go for a wild, half-mile ride on the front of this speeding vehicle in Hanoi. Holy hell, it's terrifying to watch him hang on for dear life by only the bus's windshield wiper. High-speed chase: You're doing it wrong. Read More >>

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Take a Tour Through the World’s Biggest Cave

Working as a National Geographic photographer is (thankfully) more than just panther attacks and paraglider crashes. Sometimes you get to explore the underground equivalent of "a previously undiscovered Mount Everest" like photographer Carsten Peter. Read More >>

A Mystery Condition has Stolen this Young Woman’s Youth

In a bizarre medical mystery that's like watching the life of Benjamin Button in reverse, a Vietnamese woman has appeared to age almost five decades in just three years after suffering an allergic reaction. Read More >>