The New View-Master Deluxe VR is the Best Cheap VR Headset Available

If you’re looking to dabble in VR using the smartphone you’ve already paid for, instead of spending many hundreds on an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive setup, Google Cardboard is a great affordable alternative. But Mattel’s upgraded View-Master VR that’s more comfortable than Cardboard, more secure, and is compatible with a wider range of devices. Read More >>

The VR View-Master 2.0 Will Be the Best Google Cardboard You Can Buy 

Last year Mattel completely re-invented the View-Master by turning it into what eventually became one of the better Google Cardboard solutions on the market. It was cheap, comfortable, and held almost any smartphone available. And this year Mattel will be introducing a new model that fixes all the original’s minor problems. Read More >>

The Electronic Talking View-Master Was the Original Oculus Rift

Almost 30 years before the original Oculus Rift DK1 hit Kickstarter, View-Master was already dabbling in virtual reality—albeit a tamer version—with an electronic viewer that mixed 3D images and audio into what was probably a revolutionary experience back then. Read More >>

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The View-Master Is Back and Now It’s For Smartphone Virtual Reality

When Google introduced its Cardboard VR headset, there was an easy point of reference; it's like a View-Master, but with full-on virtual reality. And now, the marriage is official because View-Master maker Mattel and Google are partnering for a full-on Google Cardboard-powered version: Read More >>