Has Your Back Window Got a Worse View Than This?

A company that makes window blinds had the genius idea of running a competition to see who has the most miserable view from their window, pulling in some cracking photos of the industrial decay, unkempt gardens and suburban sprawl those who entered get to enjoy on a daily basis. Read More >>

22 Breathtaking Views From the World’s Tallest Buildings

Skycrapers, TV towers, and observation towers are among the most emergent objects of human engineering. If you want to look around as far as possible without climbing a mountain or getting on a plane, you just have to buy a ticket to the observation deck of the nearest super-tall structure. Read More >>

Google Maps Helicopter View Is Like a Sweet Magic Carpet Ride (in a Chopper)

Google has already given us Satellite View, Street View, and Earth View, but today they said, "Wanna see what your route would look like if you were flying in a chopper?" Uh, yes. Yes, we do. Read More >>