London’s Shard Suggests Playing VR Games Instead of Looking at the View

London's newest, pointiest tower charges £30.95 for a ticket to go up it and have a look at the view of the city. That's fine. Expensive, but fine. What's not fine is that it's now installed some VR machines at the top, which offer a range of height-related experiences to try, even though you've just paid £120 to get the family up to see the bloody sights and get Timmy and Sophie off the sodding iPad for 10 minutes. Read More >>

The View from the Top of NYC’s Tallest New Apartment Building is Nuts

We've already seen some night-time vistas from the top of 432 Park Avenue, the tallest residential building in North America. They're pretty wild. But now, the developers have released some high-res images of the views during the day time. They're absolutely nuts. Read More >>

Has Your Back Window Got a Worse View Than This?

A company that makes window blinds had the genius idea of running a competition to see who has the most miserable view from their window, pulling in some cracking photos of the industrial decay, unkempt gardens and suburban sprawl those who entered get to enjoy on a daily basis. Read More >>

18 Breathtaking Architectural Lookouts You’ll Wish You Could Visit

People have been building up for as long as they’ve been building at all, but structures made solely for the purpose of leisurely looking around at things, “purpose free architecture”, are a relatively recent phenomenon. Lookout: Architecture With a View, a new show at the Swiss Architecture Museum (and accompanying book), offers an almost like being there glimpse into some of the most amazing places to appreciate stunning vistas. Read More >>

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Look Through London’s Windows in BT’s Incredible 320 Gigapixel Panorama

Someone's been spending a lot of work time up the top of London's BT Tower with a camera, assembling an astounding 320 gigapixel panoramic image of the capital from 48,000 individual frames and building the world's largest panorama shot. Read More >>

At Last: Why YouTube Suddenly Stops Counting Views at 301

You've probably seen it before: a new video from a popular producer of content gets uploaded. The viewcount shoots toward the skies, then, suddenly, it stops, usually right at 301. The "Likes" are still steadily climbing. What the hell is going on? Read More >>