Forget Fingerprints, ViewSonic V55 Smartphone Wants to Scan Your Eyeballs

First it was facial recognition, then it was fingerprint scanners -- could the next mobile security interface revolution come with the blink of an eye? ViewSonic is banking on it -- its next smartphone, the V55, looks set to be the first to use iris scanning as a means to unlock your phone. Read More >>

Hands-On the £100 ViewSonic Tablet I wanted to Love, But Couldn’t

When we found out about ViewSonic's £100 tablet that runs Android's latest (and definitely greatest) OS, we were more than just a little skeptical. We wanted to believe, but we've been hurt before. After some hands-on time, I can confirm that our dead-inside hearts were dead-on. Read More >>

Give Your Phone a 23-inch Touchscreen With ViewSonic’s New Monitor

Ever wished your phone's screen was, ooh, seven times larger? Well ViewSonic can help: its new smart touchscreen display wirelessly connects to your phone, extending your handset's display. Read More >>

Is There Any Way ViewSonic’s £100 Ice Cream Sandwich Tablet Isn’t Terrible?

It's not that I don't believe in miracles. I once knew a man who sat through an entire episode of Two and a Half Men without trying to set fire to his loungeroom. It's a crazy world. But if ViewSonic made an Ice Cream Sandwich tablet that isn't excruciatingly painful to use, and for under £150, I'll buy a hat and eat it. Read More >>