star wars
Made With 28,800 Thumb Tacks, This Star Wars Conference Table Is a Finger-Killing Masterpiece

We’ve all been guilty of raiding the office supply closet for non-work reasons. Maybe it’s to build a paperclip chain, or to cover a co-workers cubicle in sticky notes. But few of us have gone so far as to create a tabletop Star Wars mural using 28,800 painstakingly embedded thumb tacks. Read More >>

Maybe It’s Time To Actually Digitise That NASA Viking Data

We can’t believe it’s been 40 years since NASA’s Viking mission became the first to successfully land a spacecraft on Mars. It took us only slightly less time to get the Curiosity Rover up there so we could get a closer look at our planet. Read More >>

We’ve Found Life on Mars

Well here’s a turn up for the books. We apparently found life on Mars back in 1976 with NASA’s Viking mission, but it was rejected because three experiments didn’t match up. Now new data analysis has concluded that, actually, we did in fact find life on Mars, and there’s a scientific paper to prove it. Read More >>