How Industrial-Scale Tar Production Powered the Viking Age

Vikings acquired the capacity to produce tar at an industrial scale as early as the 8th century AD, according to new research. The protective black goo was applied to the planks and sails of ships, which the Vikings used for trade and launching raids. Without the ability to produce copious amounts of tar, this new study suggests, the Viking Age may have never happened. Read More >>

Ancient Viking Ship Found Buried Next to Busy Norwegian Road

Using ground-penetrating radar, archaeologists in Norway have discovered an ancient Viking ship buried just 20 inches beneath the surface of a farmer’s field. The 66-foot-long ship, deliberately buried during a funeral ritual, appears surprisingly intact – and it could contain the skeletal remains of a high-ranking Viking warrior. Read More >>

Genetic Analysis Offers First Strong Evidence of Female Viking Warriors

Stories and poems from the Medieval era contain accounts of fearsome female Viking warriors, yet historians and anthropologists have argued that such accounts are based in myth. A DNA analysis of a 10th century skeleton found in an iconic Swedish Viking Age grave suggests there’s some truth to these old tales—and that women stood alongside men on the battlefield. Read More >>

Archaeologists Just Discovered a 1,000-Year-Old Viking Fortress

It's been 60 years since a viking settlement was discovered, leading historians to assume that we'd uncovered everything there is to uncover. But this weekend, Danish and English archaeologists announced they've unearthed evidence of a new fortress that's been sought-after for years. Read More >>

You Can Buy an Actual Viking Ship at Denmark’s Viking Ship Museum

After touring a museum, what do you think is the best gift shop souvenir to commemorate your visit? A post card? A magnet? The online gift shop for the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, Denmark, has got something far more appropriate: an actual viking boat to stage your own conquests. Read More >>

Amazing Ancient Viking Sun Compass Even Worked After Sunset

Even the best Scout prefers to navigate during the day. The Vikings, apparently, would have laughed at such a preference—according to new research, the North Atlantic seafarers' sun compass was so advanced it even worked after dark, thanks to clever engineering and mystical crystals. Read More >>

Did You Know That it’s the End of the World This Saturday in York?

A bunch of Vikings are preparing for Ragnarok, or the end of the world, this weekend. They are doing so by gathering in York to hold a strongman contest and see who has the best beard. Fun for all the family, unless the world does end, in which case you're stuck in York with a bunch of bearded historical enthusiasts for your final moments. Read More >>

Archaeologists Found a Viking Parliament Buried Under a Car Park

There's some big excitement in the sleepy town of Dingwall, Scotland, where the remnants of Viking parliamentary gathering spot was just discovered under a car park. This is where Norse nobleman would get together and settle their differences before swords started swinging. Now it's a hangout for suspicious looking groups of teens. Read More >>

Archaeologists Unearth Intact Viking Burial Site, Swords and All

Archaeologists have uncovered the remains of a 1,000-year-old Viking in Scotland, along with his boat, ax, sword and lots of other nifty Viking stuff. Read More >>