Vimeo Slapped With Lawsuit For Collecting Biometric Data Without User Consent

Vimeo is in some hot water thanks to a class-action lawsuit that says the video streamer ran afoul of an Illinois law regulating the collection and storage of biometric information. Read More >>

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Vimeo Removes InfoWars Content After Alex Jones Seeks Friendly Channels For His Media Empire

With few places to turn, Alex Jones started publishing videos more frequently at Vimeo last week. But it looks like he’s not wanted there either. Vimeo deleted a number of InfoWars videos over the weekend, citing violations of its terms of service. Read More >>

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A Hero’s Journey Spans Just Two Minutes in This Hilariously Breakneck Short

A reluctant hero, a frantic wizard, and a hodgepodge of fantasy tropes (including a damsel in distress) make for what may be the fastest-paced adventure tale ever. It’s called Short and Sweet and you might forget to take a breath while you’re watching it, at least until it makes you chuckle. Read More >>

Vimeo Launches 4K Support for Pro Members

From today, subscribers to Vimeo's Pro service will now be able to offer 4K downloads of their videos. 4K streaming is "in the works", according to Vimeo, but there are no concrete plans to launch that option at this time. Read More >>

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Gorgeous Slow-Mo of the Machine-Like Beauty of Honeybees in Flight

Photographer Michael Sutton spent hours getting up close and personal with a hive of honey bees at Hillside Apiaries in New Hampshire. He got stung three times. But he also got this gorgeous slo-mo footage of honey bees in flight. I bet you'll never look at a bee the same way. Read More >>

Vimeo is Making its Own Shows Now Too

Vimeo's ordering up its first batch of original content for its on-demand service in the form of six episodes of the hilarious web series High Maintenance. No word on how much individual episodes will cost. Read More >>

Vimeo Secretly Launches an Improved, Super Fast HTML 5 Player

Vimeo is officially launching a new default HTML 5 player (pictured above) that's 50 per cent faster than the the flash module that came before. In fact, you may have already been using it for months as the company has been slowly rolling it out to users. Pretty much the only time you'll use the oldness is on Facebook. Sneaky, sneaky! Did you notice that your videos were loading faster when you press play? Read More >>

This Documentary Will Inspire You to Explore Your City With a Camera

There's no better playground for a photographer than a bustling, loud, dynamic city. In the documentary Everybody Street, which just dropped on Vimeo, some of New York's most iconic photogs talk about the challenge and excitement of shooting everyday urban life. Read More >>

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This Amazing Video Made With Long-Exposure Photos Is Like a Hazy Dream

Does this video remind you of being drunk, dizzy, or in some woozy dream-state? Whatever feeling it conjures, you've definitely never seen animated photos like this before. Read More >>

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ET Meets Alien: Prepare to Have Your Favourite Childhood Film Ruined

What happens if you ask a bunch of film students to make a 30-second film for ET: The Extraterrestrial? A scary-as-feck horror film, that's what. There's something just wrong about iconic ET shots like the glowing finger and the boy framed against the moon, with a backdrop of people running away and ethereal, haunting music. Christmas cheer this is not. [Vimeo via io9] Read More >>

Coming Soon to Vimeo: Paywalls

Early next year, Vimeo will introduce a new feature to its PRO account holders. In short, those users will be able to charge for their videos on a per view (or per whatever) basis. It's a move that could either attract a whole different class of known independent filmmakers or amass a sizable mountain of videos that are fine as free (or ad-supported) content, but maybe not worth a premium price tag. Read More >>

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This Short Film Shows English Eccentricity and Engineering at Its Best

The Moulton Bicycle Company was established 50 years ago by the engineer who designed the suspension system for the first Mini. This video takes a peek at the inner-workings of the company at its headquarters in Bradford-Upon-Avon, UK—and shows off the kind of English eccentricity that is impossible to resist. Read More >>

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Watch This Breathtaking Video of Professional Dancing Fire Breathers

At 1000fps, fire and dance are elevated to an artform unlike any other. In this video, the flames look almost like silk, or water, shimmering glossy in the control of the trained dancers. Beautiful. [Reddit] Read More >>

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Vimeo’s Updated iOS App Now Lets You Edit Your Flicks, and Add Soundtracks

Busy preparing their new website, Vimeo has also found the time to update its iOS app, which wraps in native support for both the iPhone and iPad, plus a video-editor which then uploads clips to the YouTube-rival straight away -- with a soundtrack thanks to their new music store, too. Read More >>

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Vimeo Has Just Reminded Me Why It’s My Favourite Video Site

Giz's favourite video site, Vimeo, has just had the biggest lick of paint yet, hammering home the fact it's definitely the best place to find all those crazy timelapse videos and other arty concepty vids. Plus lots of cat videos. Lots and lots of 'em. Read More >>