Fast 9’s Trailer Doesn’t Take Us to Space But It Does Have Rockets and Resurrection

Now that the Fast and Furious has finally gone sci-fi, nothing is off-limits. And you see that in the first trailer for F9, the official title of the ninth Fast and Furious film. This time around they’re strapping rockets to cars. Read More >>

Vin Diesel’s Daughter is Among the Cast for an Animated Fast and Furious Show

Months after the Fast and Furious franchise finally said “screw it” and went straight sci-fi, it’s changing lanes once again. Read More >>

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Vin Diesel’s Bloodshot Trailer Promises Bloody Revenge and a Billion Baby Robots

The first trailer for Bloodshot has arrived, and Vin Diesel (looking very Vin Diesel) is on a mission to avenge his lost love, aided only by his desire for payback...and one billion nanobots. Read More >>

Here’s Your First Look at Vin Diesel as Valiant’s Bloodshot, Who Conveniently Looks a Lot Like Vin Diesel

Your first look at Bloodshot is here, and, well, it’s a picture of Vin Diesel. In sunglasses! Read More >>

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Find Someone Who Looks at You Like Mark Zuckerberg Looks at Vin Diesel

On Sunday, Mark Zuckerberg interviewed Vin Diesel on Facebook Live before they took the stage together at the Breakthrough Awards—Silicon Valley’s own sort of Nobel prize-Oscars hybrid, which gave $25 million to scientists this year. Read More >>

James Gunn Hints at Baby Groot’s Voice in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

One of the coolest things about the first Guardians of the Galaxy was how director James Gunn had Vin Diesel voicing Groot. The character has two lines so to bring in an actor with a voice and presence like Diesel gave everything gravitas. But, things may be changing for Vol. 2. Read More >>

Vin Diesel’s Socks are Leading the Classroom Fight Against Online Piracy

The government, alongside the the Industry Trust and the Federation Against Copyright Theft have cooked up lesson plans to help teachers educate our youth about online piracy. The newest component of the Creative Content UK initiative is aimed at 14-19-year-olds, warning them about the potential impact of piracy on creative industries. Read More >>