UK Vinyl Sales Reach New Post-CD High

Old men buying new versions of things they used to like have kicked vinyl sales in the UK to new post-digital highs highs, with the number of 12-inch music discs sold last year hitting levels not seen for 25 years. Read More >>

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You Can Play Vinyl Records With the New Plastic Fiver

People have started posting clips to YouTube, showing them playing vinyl records by using one of those new-fangled plastic £5 notes as a needle. That’s not one of the features we were told about when we spoke to the experts ahead of its launch. Read More >>

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Seeing How Records Get Made from Beginning to End Is Still Charming

The making of a record isn’t exactly a big mystery but there’s still a bit of old magic in seeing music get put to wax in a factory, where the metal gets etched and the vinyl gets stamped out. Read More >>

The Force Awakens Soundtrack on Vinyl Has 3D Spinning Holograms Etched Onto the Records

Given the resurgence in the popularity of records, Disney didn’t really have to do much to sell copies of The Force Awakens soundtrack now that it’s finally available on vinyl, months after the film’s release. But if you still need a reason to drop $50/£34 on another copy, the records feature 3D holograms etched right onto them. Read More >>

Vinyl is Actually More Profitable Than YouTube For British Music

Thanks to hipsters and pretty damn unfavourable royalties contracts, vinyl generated more income for British music acts than YouTube last year. Just consider that for a moment. Read More >>

Yup, This Vertical Record Player Is Incredible

The Gramovox started as a Kickstarter project, and unlike many products on the crowdfunding site, it actually shipped. That in and of itself is astonishing, but how does it work? Read More >>

Liquid Filled Vinyl Records Exist, and Some of Them are Rather Gross

Vinyl lovers are all about limited edition grooves, and one of the rarest subsets of gimmick records are the liquid-filled variety. You read that right: liquid-filled vinyl records. The concept isn’t all that new, and was first (abortively) attempted by Disney in the ’70s, but it’s only become popular and viable in more recent years. Read More >>

What’s Inside a Record Player and How It Works

A record player is always going to be a little magical. How it sounds, the nostalgia of it, the vinyls, the needle, and so forth. This exploded view of a record player plays down the specialness of its sound and breaks down what’s inside and how it works. Read More >>

Monument Valley Soundtrack Coming to Vinyl is How You Know the Hipsters Won

That’s right. You can buy an iPhone app’s music in the form of a vinyl record – an exclusive to, going on sale today. The double LP costs $40 (£28). Obviously, the hipsters have won. Read More >>

We Just Reached Peak Urban Outfitters With a Cassette-Playing Turntable

Are you happy now, hipsters? Instead of walking away from your fashionable fad at its peak hipness, you’ve let it linger long enough to become a consumer commodity. Not only is Urban Outfitters thriving, it’s now spawning unholy consumer electronics like this cassette-playing turntable. Read More >>

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Sony’s Sleek New Turntable Makes Me Want to Rob a Record Store

While Sony attempts to resurrect the Walkman brand as a high-def media player, it’s clear that music lovers prefer something more disk-like. No, not CDs. Records! Read More >>

Eight Gifts That Will Take a Music Fan to Their Happy Place

Is there a hardcore music fan you need to unload some holiday cheer at? Don’t buy them music! Mistake! Buy them gear to help them enjoy the music they already have. Read More >>