I Kind of Thought The Blair Witch Project Was Real – This Is My Story

I believe your enjoyment of The Blair Witch Project is directly related to when you saw it. When the film opened in wide-release in July of 1999, it was beyond a massive success and yet, large chunks of that audience hated it. They wondered, “Why was this movie so hyped? Why did I just pay to see that? Who would be scared by this?” Read More >>

The New Blair Witch Is Paying Tribute to the Original With Some Creepy Viral Marketing

One of the biggest legacies of The Blair Witch Project legacy remains its online, viral marketing. Now, 17 years after that phenomenon, the new Blair Witch movie is doing something similar. Read More >>

Military Scientists Use Yelp and Digg To Test Viral Marketing Skills

In the age of Reddit and BuzzFeed, it seems like everybody wants to know the secret to making things go viral. Even the US military wants to know how to make things go viral, and one research team says they've figured it out—using an algorithm they tested on social networks like Digg and Foursquare. Wait, why does the US military want to know the secret to viral marketing? You'd be surprised. Read More >>

Watch a Guy Freak People Out By Floating in the Air on a Moving Bus

Though this prank video is an obvious attempt at force inducing viral-ity by Pepsi Max, it's still a pretty fun watch. The magician Dynamo tricks people into thinking he can levitate by 'magically' following a bus around as it moves across London. Watch people freak out when they see him float. Read More >>

stunts Lost His Stupid DeLorean, Then Magically Found It Again

Anyone remember's redesigned DeLorean? Well, apparently at a party for the launch of his new album, he says that the custom DeLorean that apparently isn't a DeLorean was, er, stolen. I'm not really sure who would want to steal it, seeing as it looks like something I personally wouldn't be seen 10 metres from, but it's what said on Twitter, so it must be true. But then he found it again, and all is good, but something smells a little bit fishy. Read More >>

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Watch These Fake Flying People Freak Out New York City

This is the best prank you can pull on an entire city. The marketing team behind the movie Chronicle tried its hand at viral marketing by flying three human shaped RC planes around NYC to make it look like real people were magically flying. From the ground, it really looked like you were watching a superhero do its flyin' thang. Read More >>