Virgin Media Wants a Pat on the Back for Offering Customers Options When Their Broadband Is Out

Virgin Media has rolled out a new service promise which means it will graciously do what it is you're paying it for, by making sure you stay connected to the internet in the event of broadband issues. Read More >>

In a UK First, Virgin Media Customers Can Watch the French Open in 4K HDR

The miraculous union of 4K, HDR, and sporting events is here at last, and is being ushered in by Virgin Media who has pipped its fellow broadcasters to the post by being the first in the UK to offer 4K HDR content. Virgin customers with a V6 set-top box can tune into the French Open which began on May 20 and wraps on next weekend on June 9, and enjoy Eurosport's 4K HDR coverage. Just get yourself to Eurosport 1HD (channel 521), Eurosport 2HD (channel 522) or Virgin TV Ultra HD (channel 205 and 999), and hit the red button on your remote to switch over. Obviously, if your telly doesn't support 4K/HDR, or if you don't have the V6 box, this PSA isn't for you. Read More >>

Virgin Media Finally Unveils New 500mbps Broadband

We caught wind of it back in February, but Virgin Media has finally announced a new, faster tier for its cable broadband. Read More >>

Virgin Media Launches ‘Intelligent WiFi’ that Fixes Itself

Good news if your broadband is with Virgin Media – it's announced a new series of WiFi updates that allow your network to automatically improve itself. Read More >>

Virgin Media’s Broadband to Hit 500Mbps by May

Virgin Media's 2018 financial results have been released, containing loads of numbers about users and premises and customers that are not particularly of interest. What they did say, though, is that the maximum speed available to its broadband customers is about to rise to 500Mbps by April/May. Read More >>

Virgin Media Trials Multi-Gigabit Broadband

Some of us might still be in the dark ages in terms of our broadband speeds, but a successful trial by Virgin Media shows that hyper-fast multi-gigabit speeds are totally possible. Read More >>

EE and Virgin Media Fined Millions For Overcharging People Trying To Leave

Ofcom has handed down fines totalling £13.3m to Virgin Media and EE after concluding that they've been fleecing people who tried to leave their contracts early. Read More >>

Virgin is Getting a 4K UHD Channel Next Week

If you're a Virgin customer subscribing to either the Full House or VIP package, you're getting a brand new channel next Monday, 17th September: the very creatively named Virgin TV Ultra HD. This follows on from Virgin's release of 4K BT Sports channels in July. Read More >>

Virgin is Set to Launch 350Mbps Fibre Broadband This Spring

If you choose to get your broadband with Virgin, you can choose speeds between 50Mbps and 300Mbps on a variety of different packages. That'll be changing soon, though, because the company is going to start advertising 350Mbps packages as early as this spring. Read More >>

Whoops! Virgin Media’s Been Caught With Piracy Software in One of its Stores

We all know about Virgin Media, the telecoms giant that offers all sorts of things - including television services. While there are plenty of things you can get from the company, the TV bit is especially relevant today because one of its stores has caused a bit of a snafu. All because someone spotted notifications from a piece of piracy software as they were passing by. Read More >>

Virgin TV Customers are Getting a Free Upgrade

If you get your TV service through Virgin Media, you may soon be eligible for a free upgrade to its latest V6 set-top box. There's usually a £20 activation fee to upgrade, but going forward, the box will be available to all customers with a TV and broadband bundle. Read More >>

Virgin Media Caught Selling 200 Megabit Broadband To People Who Won’t Get That Speed

A BBC Watchdog report, which will air tonight, is due to show that Virgin is selling 200mbps broadband products to homes in areas that have high levels of network congestion. That basically means some people are getting much lower speeds than they're paying for. Read More >>

Virgin Media Superhub 2 Owners Need To Change Their Passwords

Virgin has told 800,000 customers using SuperHub 2 hardware to change their router passwords to avoid being hacked. The problem, reported by Which?, is that the password can be attacked and guessed within days if the default is used. Read More >>

Virgin Media’s Standard Broadband Speed Is Now 100Meg

Virgin Media has just embarrassed all the other broadband providers by making ultrafast 100Mbps fibre its standard package, and increasing available speeds to 300Mbps. Read More >>

Virgin Media Subscribers Face Christmas Internet Blackouts

Some Virgin Media broadband customers in parts of south west London have been told to expect a particularly flaky service until well into the new year, as a network crunch leading to massively reduced connection speeds won't be resolved until the middle of January. Read More >>