Virgin Media is Giving Away a Lot of Stuff this Christmas

Cheryl Hole, the fabulous Essex-based drag queen from RuPaul's Drag Race UK, takes on the role of a fairy 'Giftmother' in Virgin Media's new campaign to give away a fucktonne of stuff before Christmas. Read More >>

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Virgin Media to Install 1,200 EV Charging Points Across the Country

Following a successful trial of transforming its broadband cabinets into EV charging points, Virgin has more on the way in the next 18 months. Read More >>

Virgin Media’s Hyperfast Gig1 Service Has Rolled out in Southampton

Virgin Media's promised Gigabit internet trial has finally gone live in Southampton, and to celebrate, Craig David is putting on a free gig, because who the hell would pay for that? Read More >>

Virgin Media Promises Gigabit Internet for all Subs by 2021

Virgin Media is prepping a massive nationwide upgrade to its core systems, one that'll see all of its fixed-line cable network subscribers given the potential to hit the gigabit internet connection speed milestone. That will be a speedtest result worth sharing. Read More >>

Virgin Media is Giving Away Free TVs to New Customers in Flash Offer That Ends Tomorrow

Virgin Media has some juicy flash deals coming up, including a free TV, and credit on your bill - but of course this is all for new customers only, so sucks to be you, existing customers. Read More >>

Virgin Media TV Customers Can Now Watch Amazon Prime on Their Set Top Box

If you're a Virgin Media TV customer you can now watch Amazon Prime Video on your set top box - as long as you have an existing account, obviously. Read More >>

Sky and Virgin Media Sign a New Multi-Year Deal That Covers UHD and 4K Content

Virgin Media customers will be pleased to hear that the partnership with Sky is being extended, with the added bonus of UHD/4K programming. Read More >>

Virgin Media Shuts Down Copyright Trolls in Court Trying to Expose Customer Data Over Porn File Sharing

An application to reveal the identities of Virgin Media users allegedly file-sharing porn has been denied, because the companies requesting the details are a bunch of copyright trolls. Read More >>

Virgin Media Wants a Pat on the Back for Offering Customers Options When Their Broadband Is Out

Virgin Media has rolled out a new service promise which means it will graciously do what it is you're paying it for, by making sure you stay connected to the internet in the event of broadband issues. Read More >>

In a UK First, Virgin Media Customers Can Watch the French Open in 4K HDR

The miraculous union of 4K, HDR, and sporting events is here at last, and is being ushered in by Virgin Media who has pipped its fellow broadcasters to the post by being the first in the UK to offer 4K HDR content. Virgin customers with a V6 set-top box can tune into the French Open which began on May 20 and wraps on next weekend on June 9, and enjoy Eurosport's 4K HDR coverage. Just get yourself to Eurosport 1HD (channel 521), Eurosport 2HD (channel 522) or Virgin TV Ultra HD (channel 205 and 999), and hit the red button on your remote to switch over. Obviously, if your telly doesn't support 4K/HDR, or if you don't have the V6 box, this PSA isn't for you. Read More >>

Virgin Media Finally Unveils New 500mbps Broadband

We caught wind of it back in February, but Virgin Media has finally announced a new, faster tier for its cable broadband. Read More >>

Virgin Media Launches ‘Intelligent WiFi’ that Fixes Itself

Good news if your broadband is with Virgin Media – it's announced a new series of WiFi updates that allow your network to automatically improve itself. Read More >>

Virgin Media’s Broadband to Hit 500Mbps by May

Virgin Media's 2018 financial results have been released, containing loads of numbers about users and premises and customers that are not particularly of interest. What they did say, though, is that the maximum speed available to its broadband customers is about to rise to 500Mbps by April/May. Read More >>

Virgin Media Trials Multi-Gigabit Broadband

Some of us might still be in the dark ages in terms of our broadband speeds, but a successful trial by Virgin Media shows that hyper-fast multi-gigabit speeds are totally possible. Read More >>

EE and Virgin Media Fined Millions For Overcharging People Trying To Leave

Ofcom has handed down fines totalling £13.3m to Virgin Media and EE after concluding that they've been fleecing people who tried to leave their contracts early. Read More >>