Virgin Trains and Uber Try to Cut Train Station Taxis Out of the Loop

Old school and new school transport titans Virgin Trains and Uber have gone public with a secret little relationship, with the rail company launching a system that alerts travellers to the presence of Uber drivers in their little silver Toyotas upon arrival in an Uber-activated town or city. Read More >>

Virgin Trains Has Launched a Wanky ‘Mindful’ Service to Subdue Unhappy Customers

Virgin Trains has decided that the most cost-effective way to stop people complaining about its delayed/overcrowded/ludicrously expensive services isn’t by actually improving them, but by launching a wanky ‘mood-boosting’ channel designed to relax them. Read More >>

Virgin Trains’ Free, Netflix-Style Streaming App May Make You Miss Your Stop

Virgin Trains has decided to be all modern and on-trend by launching its own free, Netflix-like entertainment service, called Beam, which will inevitably make the ticket inspector's job a little more annoying ("Excuse me, mind looking at me, reading my lips, hitting pause and rummaging around in your pockets for me?" Repeat) and lead to more customers missing their stops. Read More >>

Virgin Trains is Holding a Massive Flash Sale Next Week

If you’re planning on travelling home or elsewhere in the UK over the next couple of months, mark March 1st in your diary. Virgin Trains is set to slash prices on 800,000 seats on its West Coast line, with the sale kicking off at 00.01 on Tuesday, and ending at midnight on Thursday. Read More >>