Dave, Gold, and Other UKTV Channels Have Returned to Virgin Media

It's not even been a month since Virgin Media announced that all the UKTV channels, including the likes of Dave and Gold, would be leaving the service as a result of stalled negotiations. Virgin wasn't happy with "inflated fees" and the fact it couldn't show UKTV programming on-demand. It claimed the BBC holds back the rights so it can sell them off to third party streaming services. Now it's been announced those channels have returned to Virgin packages. Read More >>

Virgin Media Viewers Revert to Coat Hanger Aerials to Watch TV

Freeview is a bit more popular now than it was until very recently, according to Freeview, which thinks that the collapse in the relationship between UKTV and Virgin Media is leading to more people investigating the legacy TV viewing method of doing it for free, terrestrially, via some old aerial that's been lying dormant in the loft for a couple of decades. Read More >>

ITV Could be Next to Abandon Virgin Media’s TV Platform

The recent loss of Dave and its never ending supply of repeats on Virgin's TV platform may soon be joined by a bigger loss for the ITV-watching demographic, with reports suggesting that the ITV channels could drop off the Virgin EPG as soon as this weekend. Read More >>

Virgin Media Customers Are Losing Access to All 10 UKTV Channels

If there's one thing people can usually rely on, it's that the Dave channel will be around to broadcast old episodes of Top GearRed Dwarf, and other programming you probably saw on the BBC years ago but decided to watch again because you were bored. It's even available on Freeview, so there's always something going on. Unfortunately rights issues mean anyone who pays for a Virgin Media TV package may lose access to Dave and the other UKTV channels. Read More >>

People Complain Most About TalkTalk and Least About Sky When It Comes to Broadband and Landlines

As British people, we like to complain about stuff. And today, Ofcom has released a set of data showing exactly what we do – and don't – complain about, at least in terms of telecoms and television services. Read More >>

Some Virgin Media Customers Will be Getting BT Sport TV in 4K at the End of This Month

Virgin Media and BT have just signed a new multi-year deal that will make BT Sport TV channels available in 4K to some Virgin customers. The deal is set to kick in on 30th July, at which point Virgin will offer the new 4K content to customers without them having to pay any more money. That's a pretty sweet deal, if you like ultra high definition sport and have the right subscription. Read More >>

The Wimbledon Finals Are Also Available in 4K on Eurosport, if You Have Virgin TV

A couple of weeks ago the BBC announced its next 4K TV trial would involve streaming Wimbledon in 4K HDR via BBC iPlayer - much like it's been doing with the World Cup. The difference was that Sky was also offering Sky Q customers the chance to watch later stages in regular 4K via the red button. Now Virgin is getting in on that action with Eurosport. Read More >>

Virgin Hyperloop One Director Arrested as Board Members Flee

Virgin Hyperloop One is currently courting investment in Saudi Arabia with an eye toward building one of its high-speed transports in the Kingdom. But trouble at the top of the company threatens to shake investor confidence. One Hyperloop director of the board was arrested over the weekend, and on Monday, three others were replaced. Read More >>

Virgin Trains Will Accept an Avocado in Place of a Millennial Railcard

Virgin Trains has launched a thing it's calling the Avocard. It's a joke, but one that comes with real benefits. The same benefits, in fact, as the recently launched 26-30 "millennial" railcard. Read More >>

Virgin Atlantic Offers Travellers a Bit of “Economy Delight”

Virgin Atlantic has tweaked its budget seat options, with the travellers of the near-future invited to order something described as "economy delight" for their next trip. Sadly this does not involve being touched by Richard Branson or a neatly bearded pilot. It's a way of giving people the illusion of more choice in the cheap seats. Read More >>

Behind The Scenes With Pendolino: The Painstaking Process Of Painting A Train

When Train Operators buy new trains, they like to get their money’s worth. That’s why the vast majority of Virgin’s Pendolino fleet, which operate on the West Coast Mainline between London, Manchester and beyond, have around 4.25 million miles on the clock each. Read More >>

Virgin TV Customers are Getting a Free Upgrade

If you get your TV service through Virgin Media, you may soon be eligible for a free upgrade to its latest V6 set-top box. There's usually a £20 activation fee to upgrade, but going forward, the box will be available to all customers with a TV and broadband bundle. Read More >>

Virgin Trains Stops Stocking the Daily Mail

Those hoping to be made angry about society on a long train journey are out of luck, as Virgin Trains has revealed it's to stop selling the Daily Mail on all of its services. Read More >>

Richard Branson Creates New Space Venture To Launch Government and Military Spacecrafts

Richard Branson could play a part in our upcoming star wars. The billionaire’s satellite-launch company Virgin Orbit has started a new venture, Vox Space, aimed at wooing government clients. Read More >>

Hyperloop One Is Proud to Announce Its Virginity

High-speed transportation company Hyperloop One, which landed £65 million in additional funding last month, revealed today that it has gained a new board member in business magnate Richard Branson, whose Virgin group was secretly responsible for an unnamed portion of that funding. The company will rebrand as Virgin Hyperloop One. Read More >>