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The StarVR One Headset is Insane, But You’re Not Allowed to Buy One

When you think about VR headsets, there's a lot to like. There's even more to be desired, though, because no matter how good they are there are plenty of ways they could be improved. The StarVR One sounds like it fixes most of the problems with the likes of the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, but the problem is that you won't be allowed to buy one anytime soon. Not that many people would be able to afford it anyway. Read More >>

Great Lego Race VR Experience Has Come to Manchester’s Legoland Discovery Centre

Legoland has a virtual reality roller coaster, don't you know. Well Legoland Florida and Malaysia do, while Windsor isn't set to get the thing until sometime in 2019. But you don't need to sound too upset, because there's a bite-size version to enjoy. Originally it was limited to the Legoland Discovery Centre in Boston, but now it's come to the one in Manchester. Read More >>

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Study Says Porn and Games are Generating all the Virtual Reality Money, Surprising Nobody

There is a lot of virtual reality content out in the world, but how much of it is actually generating cold hard cash? People always seem to talk about VR as a fledgling make-or-break industry, but as it turns out there are two key areas driving towards virtual reality: games and porn. Which is pretty obvious when you think about it. Games companies are the biggest proponents of VR, and porn is, well, porn. Read More >>

Indoor Virtual Skydiving Is Cool – But It Just Made Me Want to Jump Out of a Plane for Real

I rarely turn down the chance to try something new or strange. Reptile expo with live demos? Sounds great. Monster truck rally? Yea, why the hell not. Vape show in town? Sure, I’ll check it out. Indoor virtual reality skydiving? I AM THERE. Who cares that “indoor virtual reality skydiving” as a concept doesn’t make a lick of sense??? Let’s give it a rip!!! Read More >>

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The Full HTC Vive Pro Kit is Available to Pre-order, Costs £1,299

HTC announced the second generation Vive headset last year, only to reveal that the advance in technology also means an increase in price. The headset alone costs £799, and the full kit that's just gone up for pre-order is no better. That comes with an insane £1,299 pricetag, which is is more than two months rent for some people. Read More >>

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Court Rules Facebook Can Continue Selling Oculus Rifts, Cuts Zenimax Damages in Half

Last year Zenimax successfully sued Oculus and parent company Facebook over copyright infringement, after alleging that the Oculus Rift was based on stolen intellectual property. Despite the win, and being awarded $500 million in damages, Zenimax still tried to have the Oculus Rift pulled from sale. That decision kind of just blew up in their face. Read More >>

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Watch David Attenborough Get Schooled by David Attenborough in Virtual Reality

Back in March it was revealed that Sky had enlisted the help of David Attenborough to create a virtual reality learning experience, with the naturalist/TV presenter teaching users inside a virtual recreation of London's National History Museum. Hold the World was made specifically for the relaunch of Sky's virtual reality app, and now that launch has arrived. To commemorate the occasion, Sky strapped a headset onto Attenborough himself, so he could learn from his virtual counterpart. Read More >>

Report Claims Samsung Will Rebrand Gear VR as Galaxy VR

For several years Samsung has been using the 'Gear' brand for things that aren't phones: Gear Fit, Gear VR, and the Gear smartwatches. Now reports claims the Gear brand is gearing off for a trip into the sunset, with Samsung adopting the Galaxy branding across the board. Reports that Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Fit have been trademarked have been circulating for a while now, but according to SamMobile Samsung will be extending the name change to virtual reality. Read More >>

Virtual Police Could Be Better at Interviewing Eyewitnesses Than Real Ones, Study Suggests

As many a crime documentary has made clear, eyewitness testimony is often much less accurate than you might think. But a new study published recently in Frontiers in Psychology suggests there could be a relatively simple way to improve witness recollections: Have a virtual avatar do the interviewing instead of a policeman. Read More >>

Google Just Launched its First VR-Compatible Doodle

Today's Google is a world first, because it's the first Doodle that has some sort of 360-degree VR-compatible functionality. It's also a celebration of classic French filmmaker Georges Méliès, who's now probably best known for his work on A Trip to the Moon and The Impossible Voyage in the early 1900s. Read More >>

The Stand-Alone Oculus Go Can Hold its Own, But it Won’t Convince the Naysayers

In a world where virtual reality has a very high entry barrier, especially in terms of cost, there's a case to be made for a stand-alone headset that can be pulled out of a box and switched on with no faffing around. Or at least Oculus thinks so, and that's why it's released the Oculus Go. The headset is out today, and we got to play with one for ourselves. Here's what we thought. Read More >>

This Shape-Shifting, Pin-Headed Robot Lets You Feel Virtual Objects With Your Bare Hands

Virtual reality headsets today use your eyes and ears to make simulated experiences seem more real, but what about your other senses? Researchers at Stanford University have come up with a way for your hands and fingers to feel virtual objects with a unique robot that looks like an animated version of those Pin Art toys. Read More >>

Disney’s Extremely Weird Force Jacket Simulates the Feeling of Turning Into the Hulk

Are you cool with hugs? What about the most all-encompassing hug you’ve ever had? That just about sums up how Disney Research’s new force feedback jacket works. Using inflatable airbags, it can simulate physical experienceswhen you’re lost in VR, like getting hit by a snowball, or turning into a muscular beefcake in just a few seconds. Read More >>

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Samsung is Tired of Waiting for VR-Exclusive TV Series, Decided to Make its Own

There's a fair bit of VR-compatible 360-degree video content out there for people to enjoy, but so far it's been pretty much restricted to scenery, porn, and phone launches that nobody really wants to watch in 360-degrees anyway. Samsung's clearly had enough of waiting for something new and interesting, so it's making its own TV shows for VR. Read More >>

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Is the VR Universe in Ready Player One Possible?

In 2018, nearly everything is in place for a descent into a Ready Player One-style dystopia. The way things are going, we should be destitute and beaten down by climate change long before the 2040s. All we’re missing, for now, is the technology. People are already more than happy to spend huge percentages of their lives hooked up to alternate realities (social media, MMO games, binged television) but these are all rudimentary compared to Ready Player One’s immersive, hyper-lifelike OASIS VR universe. Those looking to escape the grim, cash-squeezed drudgery of day-to-day life through fully-immersive VR will have to wait, for now, until someone invents a way to get 75% of the country’s population on the same platform. Read More >>