Climate Planners Use VR to Show Communities How Sea-Level Rise Decimates Them

Earth is the hottest it’s ever been, it feels like a new “mega gargantuan Godzilla” storm record gets broken every other month, and environmental displacement is already threatening to upend certain communities’ livelihoods, and worse still, their histories. Read More >>

Of Course, Facebook Bought the One Good VR Game

Virtual reality gaming is a thing, but even so, you probably can’t name very many off the top of your head. And if you can, chances are the first one that pops into mind is Beat Saber – the One Good VR Game that any putz can enjoy without upchucking their lunch due to VR-induced motion sickness, or looking like a complete blowhard. So, you know, of course, Facebook was going to put its grubby hands on it. Read More >>

augmented reality
Report: Apple’s AR Headset Won’t Be Out Until 2022, With AR Glasses to Follow in 2023

Apple won’t be launching new augmented reality products until at least 2022 to 2023, the Information reported on Monday, citing an internal Apple presentation described by sources. Read More >>

Microsoft’s Over-the-Top VR Rig Lets You Explore a Virtual World While Walking IRL

Microsoft’s latest VR experiment is going to appeal to those who had to settle for living in a less than appealing neighbourhood to take advantage of cheap rent. Called DreamWalker, it’s a virtual reality rig that lets the user experience a completely different VR while they’re walking through the real one. Read More >>

Smartphone VR Might Be Dead. Good.

Alongside all of Google’s new hardware and software announcements yesterday, there was another development that a lot of people might have missed: Google’s Daydream VR headset appears to be going away. Read More >>

Facebook’s Horizon Is a New VR Social Network Inspired by Spielberg’s Worst Movie

Yesterday at Oculus Connect 6, Facebook’s annual event that does its best to convince the world why VR is still a thing, the company announced Horizon, a giant virtual reality playground where users can build their own worlds, create and play games, or just socialise with friends who are represented by legless animated avatars. Read More >>

star wars
Darth Vader Faces a Four-Armed Rancor in the New Vader Immortal Episode II Trailer

I mean, you also get to wield the Force in VR and that’s pretty cool, but let’s rewind a touch: Four. Armed. Rancor. Read More >>

Oculus’s Cord-Free VR System Is About to Be Hands-Free, Too

The Oculus Quest has been out for a few months, and while Mark Zuckerberg told the crowd at Oculus Connect 6 that Facebook is selling its standalone VR headset as fast as the company can make them, Facebook is planning to add some major features including hand tracking and PC tethering in two separate future updates. Read More >>

Facebook Just Coughed up Close to $1 Billion For a Company That Makes Brain-Reading Wristbands

Stirring the speculation pot about the company’s long-rumoured smart glasses, yesterday Facebook agreed to acquire the CTRL-Labs startup which has been developing a wristband capable of reading a wearer’s thoughts and using them to control computers and other devices. Read More >>

Users Permanently Alter Their Minds Inside a Network in an Excerpt From Jayinee Basu’s The City of Folding Faces

Mara is very different now, after digitising and uploading herself as a “space-time tubeform” into the network of the Roulette. There’s even a word for people like her in the universe of Jayinee Basu’s 2019 scifi novella The City of Folding Faces—they’re called Ruga, a hyperperson who has absorbed so much information in the Roulette that only another Ruga can truly understand them. Read More >>

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As if Flying Didn’t Make You Sick Enough, British Airways is Rolling Out VR on Some of its Flights

Happily, it's highly unlikely that you'll be caught in a sudden bout of turbulence while your headset's on, as VR entertainment is being trialled for first class customers only, travelling from London to JFK. Read More >>

Creators of the UK’s First VR Theatre Experience LIVR Is Coming to Battersea

Wandsworth Council is bringing the magic of the theatre to residents of Nine Elms, Battersea, by offering a VR theatre experience this autumn. Read More >>

The Lion King ‘Set’ Was a Bunch of VR Headsets in a Giant Warehouse

Long before Disney’s remake of The Lion King hit cinemas, it was a beacon of curiosity. Obviously, director Jon Favreau and his team weren’t going to film real lions, they were going to use digital technology to create all the animals, as he did with great success in The Jungle Book. But The Jungle Book is The Jungle Book. This was The Lion King, a remake of an even more popular, culturally resonant film. What would making this movie look like in real life? I was lucky enough to find out. Read More >>

The VR Revolution Is Alive and Well, It’s Just Not Ready For Your Living Room (Yet)

When HTC and Oculus launched their first-gen virtual reality headsets back in the spring of 2016, it felt like the beginning of a revolution. These headsets were immersive and sophisticated, unlike anything the public had seen before and a leap forward from disasters like Nintendo’s cursed Virtual Boy. But when you fast forward three years to now, VR headsets still aren’t commonly found in arcades or schools. Unless you are one of the rare VR evangelists, you probably don’t have a VR headset in your home. Read More >>

American Express Customers Can Play Tennis With Andy Murray in an Exclusive Wimbledon VR Experience

American Express customers heading to Wimbledon next month can face off against Andy Murray on the iconic Centre Court - in virtual reality, that is. Although I don't know how fun it's going to be having him breathing down your neck. Read More >>