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Can Facebook Fix VR’s Most Frustrating Problems in One Fell Swoop?

Virtual reality is cool and all, but it won’t really become mainstream until a) it’s affordable and b) it doesn’t require a £1,000+ gaming PC. But it seems Facebook is attempting yet again to make VR a thing. Read More >>

iOS 11 Has a Secret Feature That Lets You Stomp Around Cities Like Godzilla

With the introduction of iOS 11 and a development tool called ARKit, Apple is betting that augmented reality could be the next revolutionary feature for smartphones. At the very least, it’s facilitated a secret feature that lets iPhone users pretend they’re giant monsters stomping through a tiny city. Read More >>

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Samsung’s Stand-Alone VR Headset Will Have Eye-Tracking

Samsung is one of two companies that people will associate with mobile-powered VR, given how much its been pushing the Oculus-made Gear VR headset. But as great as the Gear VR is, it's still pretty limited, which might be why it seems to be going all out with its first stand-alone headset. Read More >>

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Valve’s New VR Controllers Can Track Individual Fingers

A lot of people say nice things about the Valve and HTC's Vive headset, but those wand-like controllers can't really compete with the Oculus Touch. Valve has now revealed new details about its 'Knuckles' controllers, and they're basically a more advanced version of what Oculus has on offer. Read More >>

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VR Pain Relief: Dentists Using Virtual Worlds To Distract From Real Agony

Dental work is often agony, even with that pain relief they claim to give you - so anything that can reduce it would be welcome. VR, apparently, is the answer, with patients being given one of three scenes to enjoy. Read More >>

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Walking Around This Interactive Room Is a Nightmarish Drug Trip Without the Drugs

When you strap on a virtual reality headset, your body has a constant (heavy) reminder that what you’re seeing isn’t real. But what happens when virtual reality spills out into the real world? This tech-filled room is able to warp and bend reality making you feel like you’re tripping on drugs you don’t remember taking. Read More >>

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BeBop’s Smart Fabric VR Gloves: Rubbing Fake Stuff Has Never Felt Better

So you've got your fancy virtual reality headset and a computer powerful enough to drive its twin displays. You don your goggles, fire up your VR app of choice and strike one of several goofy stances. Then what? There are many ways to interact with the artificial worlds developers are coming up — joysticks, remotes and other gizmos — but nothing's quite as natural as your hands. And hands need gloves, like BeBop's sci-fi VR gloves. Read More >>

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The Virtual Reality Film Helping Us Understand Eating Disorders

"We don't speak about eating disorders, so we let the disorder speak for itself." Read More >>

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ZeniMax is Going After Samsung Now

ZeniMax, a company that Mark Zuckerberg had never heard of before 2014, is clearly on some sort of victory high after successfully suing Oculus for $500 million. The game publisher has now decided it's going to sue Samsung this time, for pretty much the same reason. Read More >>

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Microsoft’s New Mixed Reality Controllers Look Very Familiar

Today at its annual Build developer conference, Microsoft announced its own set of motion controllers made for its burgeoning Windows Mixed Reality platform. As we’ve mentioned in previous reports, the company is calling its new computing platform “mixed reality” because it combines different elements of augmented and virtual reality. The platform itself is baked directly into the Creators Update for Windows 10. Read More >>

IBM Watson Will Bring Voice Commands to Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Star Trek: Bridge Crew is just about the only VR game I've taken any interest in, simply because it lets you (and three others) take control of a Starfleet ship and explore the galaxy. Today the game got a little bit more exciting thanks to a partnership with IBM's Watson. Read More >>

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Australian Scientists Declare Virtual Reality Is Officially Considered Exercise

When you look at almost any study about the physical and mental benefits of video games, you'll find a reference to "exergames". Games like Wii Sports, and Just Dance on the Kinect - the kinds of games specifically designed to get you active. Read More >>

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Scientists Shock VR Users Into ‘Feeling’ Non-Existent Walls

Physical therapy often involves the use of a device providing transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation—TENS, for short—that uses electrodes attached to the skin to stimulate the muscles beneath. But virtual reality researchers have found an alternate use for the shocking technology: to let someone in a virtual world feel walls that don’t exist. Read More >>

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Google & The Guardian Team Up To Make You Feel Like A Newborn

It's not until you grow up that you realise how nice it must be to be a baby. You get carried everywhere, fed and cuddled, everything's done for you, and your only jobs are to eat and sleep. Read More >>