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Why Do My Selfies Look So Weird?

It’s a fraught thing, selfie-taking. One moment you’re thinking of yourself as more or less human-looking, and then – click – you realise you’ve got it all wrong, and that strangers on the street probably pity you, on account of your dead eyes and strange head. Or you see, on your phone, a perfectly normal-looking person who just happens not to resemble you in any way. Mirrors are much friendlier in this regard: you tend to know what you’re getting. To figure out why you don’t, with selfies – why, so often, the selfies look so weird – for this week’s Giz Asks we reached out to a number of experts in psychology and digital photography. Read More >>

Contact Lenses That Can Change Focus and Zoom When You Blink Move Closer to Reality

Believe it or not, contact lenses are still an option for those who wear glasses that accommodate multiple prescriptions, but because of the unique approach they take to remedying vision problems, it can sometimes take over a month to get used to using them. Researchers at the University of California San Diego have created a better alternative with a prototype contact lens that can automatically switch between focusing on near or far objects by detecting the wearer’s eye movements. Read More >>

See What Trees Look Like to a Bird’s Ultraviolet-Sensitive Eyes

A bird’s-eye view can completely change your perspective on things. And I mean that literally. Read More >>

How the Dragonfly’s Surprisingly Complex Brain Makes it a Deadly Hunter

Like a baseball player running to make a catch, dragonflies are also capable of predicting the trajectory of a moving object, typically its next meal. New research is revealing the mechanisms behind this complex cognitive task, which was once thought to be exclusive to mammals. It’s hoped that these insights will lead to innovations in robot vision. Read More >>

Horrified Surgeons Discover 27 Contact Lenses in Woman’s Eye

While prepping a 67-year-old female patient for routine cataract surgery at England’s Solihull Hospital, physicians noticed a strange bluish blob in one of her eyes. On closer look, the blob turned out to be 17 contact lenses stuck together. Another 10 lenses were subsequently discovered in the same eye. The surgeons have never seen anything quite like it. Read More >>

All The Crazy Things Future Contact Lenses Could Do

Though virtual reality is very much the flavour of the year, it’s just a matter of time before something more advanced and less in your face -- so to speak -- arrives on the scene. Yes, we’re talking about smart contact lenses. Read More >>

Google’s Patented an Electronic Lens to Inject Into Your Eyeballs

Compose yourself, it’s just a patent. For now, anyway. Someone at Google -- who we’re assuming has perfect vision -- has come up with a terrifying-sounding electronic device the would need to be injected directly into users’ eyeballs. Read More >>

New Research Could Improve Artificial Retinas To Help a Blind Eye See

It’s possible to restore some rough semblance of sight in the blind with artificial retinas. New research suggests that varying the length of the electrical pulses used to let a blind eye “see” could enable much higher-resolution retinal implants, so that blind people can better navigate their environment with confidence. Read More >>

A New Kind of Bionic Eye Will Feed Images Directly Into Your Brain

Most types of bionic vision rely on using large parts of the existing human visual system to restore sight. But a new technique will simply feed the output from a digital camera directly into the brain. Read More >>

This Laser Camera Can See Around Corners

How can a person see around a blind corner? One answer is to develop X-ray vision. A more mundane approach is to use a mirror. But if neither are an option, a group of scientists led by Genevieve Gariepy have developed a state-of-the-art detector which, with some clever data processing techniques, can turn walls and floors into a “virtual mirror”, giving the power to locate and track moving objects out of direct line of sight. Read More >>

23 Facts About Your Eyes (And What Can Go Wrong With Them)

Our eyes are a fundamental part of the human sensory system—but they’re complex things that can easily go wrong. Here are 23 facts about your windows to the world, including 11 things that can go horribly wrong. Read More >>