Virgin Media Tops Data Speeds and Scots Suffer Internet Indignity in Giz UK Broadband Audit

At the end of last year, we asked the Giz UK community to give us a random snapshot of its broadband. Nothing overly scientific – we know fluctuating broadband is a complicated beast with many, many different individual reasons for it. But there was a general feeling that some people had signed up for speeds that they couldn't realistically achieve, and we wanted to see how much this was the case. Read More >>

The Tallest Buildings on Each Continent Throughout History, Visualised

I love these fantastic charts from Halcyon Maps that show which skyscrapers or churches or temples or mounds of dirt or other structures that have been the tallest buildings on each continent throughout history. You can see the ridiculous skyscraper arms race that develop in each area over the years and see what outdid who. Read More >>

How all Apple Patents Connect to Steve Jobs Visualised

Like a game of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, these interactive maps show the relationship between all the inventors listed in Apple's patents and its Wizard of Oz: Steve Jobs—the big red dot. He's connected to almost every patent and team, from industrial design to hardware to user interfaces to music to security. Read More >>

How People Use Twitch, Visualised

At any given time, there are tens of thousands watching and playing games on Twitch. Some people are obsessed with one game, other people watch lots of games. The service recently enlisted its "science" team to visualise what communities of Twitch look like, and it's beautiful. Read More >>

The Daily Routine of Famous People, Visualised

Blue is sleeping, red is their creative work, green is their actual day job (if they have it), yellow is food/leisure time and blue is exercise. By comparing all these successful famous creative people's daily schedules, I have figured out how to become one of them: sleep early and quit your day job. Read More >>

Coffee Doesn’t Dehydrate, Goldfish Don’t Have Three-Second Memories, and 50 Other Falsehoods Debunked

Napoleon, short? Nah, he was 5.7, an average height for his era. Also, bulls are actuallycolourblind and couldn't give a crap about that red cloak you're waving in front of them, and the Great Wall of China? Good luck seeing it from space. Read More >>

What Cities Smell Like, Visualised

It's easy to notice on a street corner, but hard to track as you navigate an entire city: smell, despite being a crucial stimulus, is much harder to quantify than other sensory cues like sound or light. But that hasn't stopped Kate McLean from trying. Read More >>

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What the Top 100 Female Porn Stars Look Like in One Fascinating Chart

Data Looks Dope's Max Einstein sent us his new creation: What the top 100 porn stars look like. At the top you can you can see the breast cup size. At the bottom there's the top 100 actresses as ranked in Xvideos.com along with body measuring information according Internet Adult Film Database. Read More >>

US Presidents’ Speeches Have Become Dumber Over Time

Vocativ analysed over 600 presidential speeches in US history, measuring syllables and keeping track of word and sentence count to determine the Flesch-Kincaid reading level of each speech. In the beginning, presidential speeches were at the level of a PhD, now it's at the reading comprehension of an 11-year-old Read More >>

Global Warming Visualised in One Cool but Scary 3D Animated Graphic

Nicolas Belmonte—Technical Lead for Data Visualization at Twitter—has created an impressive interactive 3D visualisation of the world's temperature anomalies since 1800 using data from NASA. It's like a deformed monster bloating and about to explode. Read More >>