Climate Change is Real and This Chart Proves It

Climate change is real, it’s happening right now, and it’s pushing us into an increasingly grim-looking future. Still don’t believe it? Take a look at the graph. Read More >>

When You’ll Probably Die, Visualised

You’ve already found out how you might die — but when’s it going to happen? This visualisation of data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention should give you a better idea. While the data is taken from those US institutions about American citizens, it is still an interesting tool for anyone to consider. Read More >>

This Map Shows Just How Fast Travel From London to Anywhere is in 2016

Last year, we published a map that showed just how long travel took in 1914. Now, there’s a similar map which shows how dramatically things have improved. Read More >>

How You’ll Probably Die, Visualised

Ever wondered how things might come to an end? This chart visualises the USA's cause-of-death data from the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention to give you a better idea. Read More >>

This Timeline Shows the Entire History—and Potential Future—of the Universe

It can be hard to get your head around the long and complex history of the Universe. But this new timeline by Slovak graphic designer Martin Vargic does a wonderful job of describing the last 13.8 billion years of space—and what might happen in the next 10 billion, too. Read More >>

A Beautiful Visual Explainer Will Help You Understand Machine Learning

Ever wondered what machine learning was and still failed to understand it no matter how much you read? Then this neat visual introduction to the topic should do just the trick. Read More >>

New Horizons Reaches Pluto: A Collection of Imagery, Explainers and Humour

Unless you have been living under an intergalactic rock for the past few days, you will know that NASA's New Horizons probe this week flew by Pluto, giving humankind its closest glimpse ever of the dwarf planet. Here we have collated some great information about the historic mission – from NASA visuals to questionable brand-bandwagoning Tweets. Read More >>

A Map of Just the World’s Time Zones

Time zones can be confusing things. But this map, which looks like it could be a piece of modern art, strips them back to their essence: this is how the world looks if the only thing you can see is the time zone boundaries. Read More >>

A Periodic Table That Tells You About How Elements Really Crop Up

The periodic table is perhaps the most iconic scientific visualisation in the world. But that doesn't mean it can't show more: Google has amped up every scientist's favourite diagram to show how elements get used in the real world. Read More >>

170 Years of Hurricanes Mapped In One Stunning Image

With the Atlantic hurricane season about to kick into gear, plenty are wondering how this year's crop of storms with disarmingly mundane names will compare to last year's nightmarish season. This map goes even further, showing the past 170 hurricane seasons. It's beautiful and humbling, all at once. Read More >>

This Super-Accurate Gravity Map Shows You Where You Can Weigh Less

Gravity's often assumed to be constant across the entire planet, but because the Earth varies in shape and density, that's not really the case. Now, this super-accurate gravity map reveals that the fluctuations are even more extreme than scientists previously thought. Read More >>

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Can You Identify These Movies Drawn Out as Treasure Maps?

Illustrator Andrew DeGraff thinks about films differently to you and I: he sees them as giant maps of physical locations, just waiting to be explored. Can you work out which films these wonderful treasure maps drawn by DeGraff are supposed to represent? Read More >>

The US Army’s Insurgent Tracking Software Is Now Being Used to Track Gangs

We all know that social media is the criminal's worst enemy. But this summer, a group of MIT researchers are collaborating with police to test software that can reliably predict whether a person is part of a gang based on their social networks, building on similar software used to track insurgents in Afghanistan. Read More >>

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The Invisible Electronic Fields That Surround Your MacBook

You might view your laptop as a nice, neatly contained unit — but there's more bursting out of it than meets the eye. In fact, all of its electrical components create complex magnetic and electric fields that spread far and wide, and this video shows you their reach. Read More >>

The World’s Flight Patterns Beautifully Visualised

According to the Airports Council International, the world's busiest airport by passenger traffic is Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport with a whopping 95,462,867 passengers passing through in 2012. Which makes sense considering it's the home of Delta, the world's largest airline. So one can only imagine what the flight paths of all those planes must look like, which is why Alexey Papulovskiy scraped data from Plane Finder for a month before charting it all out in a beautifully interactive visualisation tool called Contrailz. Read More >>