Watch How Every Game of Thrones Episode Was Discussed on Twitter

Each Game of Thrones episode generates its fair share of internet chatter. This new Twitter #interactive visualisation takes this tremendous amount of information and translates it into something surprisingly meaningful. Read More >>

Listen to How the Billboard Chart Changed Week-by-Week Since 1956

Ever wonder if you remember the successful music from your youth accurately? Well, why not listen to it all in one long session of reminiscence. Read More >>

Beautiful Visualisation Charts History’s Best Chess Players

Since the early 19th century, many chess grandmasters have come and gone, some better than others. This elegant data visualisation by Abacaba shows which players were the very best, and how long they were able to maintain their dominance. Read More >>

Cool Visualisation Lets You see Philae Bounce and Tumble as it Lands on a Comet

It's been one year since the Philae Lander bounced, spun, and tumbled across the surface of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. To commemorate the historic event, the European Space Agency has released an animated video chronicling the lander’s chaotic landing. Read More >>

This Beautiful Timeline Lets Your Explore Wikipedia’s World History

This amazing visualisation brings together the world’s history from Wikipedia into an interactive timeline stuffed with information and images. If only history lessons at school had been this much fun. Read More >>

Strava Insights Lets You See How the World Runs and Cycles

Since Strava burst on to the fitness scene to track runs and rides, it’s collected an extraordinary amount of data—so much, in fact, that it even sells it to city planners. Now, it’s launched a new website called Insights that lets you explore how the entire world runs and cycles. Read More >>

This Website Lets You Study Mobile Phone Use In Cities Around the World

Mobile phone data can provide a rich source of information for understanding human activity. Now, researchers from MIT have built a tool that visualises phone use in cities around the world, for any of us to study. Read More >>

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If Our Eyes Could See Wireless Signals, Here’s How Our World Might Look 

Our lives today depend largely on systems and infrastructures that are invisible—a hidden landscape of webs and waves that come from network masts, routers, satellites, and more. Read More >>

Watch Your Music Create a Constantly Changing Landscape

Music visualizers are — how can I put this — quite, Nineties. But this one takes an MP3 and renders it into a fly-through of a constantly changing landscape. It's still quite Nineties, but it's also weirdly, amazingly compelling. Read More >>

This Is What Wikipedia Looks Like Imagined as a Galaxy

It may look like some kind of holographic AI, but this is actually Wikipedia's 100,000 most popular articles in 2014, mapped out as a galaxy. Read More >>

The Top 100 Songs of all Time as Graphs and Diagrams

Billboard's top 100 list of all time—well, of all time since the Hot 100 list began in 1958 anyway—is a nostalgia trip through American music of the past half century. Even if you're a cold-hearted music snob, Nathan Yau's charts and diagrams are a fun, clever spin on these familiar old songs. Read More >>

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The Size of Dinosaurs Compared to Airplanes, Visualised

Just last week, a newly discovered dinosaur named Dreadnoughtus schrani laid claim to the title of world's largest terrestrial animal. But how big is that, exactly? Read More >>

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A 90-Year Human Life in Weeks (and How You’ll Spend It)

Ever wondered how your life might pan out? Well, certain aspects of it are fairly predictable—as this wonderful chart, breaking down a 90-year life in weeks, demonstrates. Read More >>

How Accurately Has Science Fiction Predicted the Technologies of the Future?

It's not the only reason we read science fiction books, but it's surprising just how on the nose some authors have managed to predict the technologies that have gone on to shape our lives. A little less accurate however, as this chart shows, is the time scale within which those fictitious gadgets have gone on to become everyday realities. Read More >>