Don’t Buy a New TV

The proposition is seemingly simple. A television should show you a moving picture, provide some accompanying sound, and ideally, blend in with your home decor. This has been the case since the invention of TV. This year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, we saw the newest and best TVs. They’re pretty boring, which is weirdly exciting. Read More >>

Reminder: Netflix Is Losing Support on Some Devices on December 1

Consider this a gentle reminder that some older devices are losing support for Netflix on December 1, including select Roku, Samsung, and Vizio units. Read More >>

Here’s Why Netflix Is Leaving Some Roku and Samsung Devices

Netflix recently broke for a number of users, and the error message the company provided wasn’t entirely clear about why. Gizmodo spoke with the company about the incident, and Netflix offered more details about why this is happening. Read More >>

tv calibration
Another Nail in the Coffin of the Most Obnoxious Thing About TVs

At an event in LA yesterday the UHD Alliance, who is behind the standards for UHD Blu-Rays, a group of studios, including Warner Bros, and the tv maker Vizio, announced a plan to make your TV stop looking like shit. A new Filmmaker mode will be available in TVs from Vizio starting in 2020 and this mode should eradicate that obnoxious soap opera effect. It will also do a better job of calibrating the color, brightness, and contrast of the screen so it looks more like what the filmmaker sees when they’re creating the movies and shows you watch. Read More >>

Targeted TV Ads Should Be Illegal

Has the past decade of advertising innovation taught us nothing? Do we really need more devices tracking us and parsing us into ever-smaller quadrants of magnetisable products? If you ask Vizio, the answer is abso-fucking-lutely. The American TV manufacturing giant announced on Tuesday that it’s joined forces with some of the biggest media companies in the world to bring targeted ads to US television sets at the beginning of next year. Read More >>

ces 2019
The 13 Coolest Things We Saw at CES This Year

Several people on the ground at CES in Las Vegas told me that it was a down year. I’d argue that it was just plain boring. But that doesn’t mean that there weren’t some neat gadgets in the mix. In fact, a baker’s dozen of them were just plain amazing. Read More >>

CES 2019: Vizio Has a Wacky Idea for Futuristic Dolby Atmos Soundbars

One of the most exciting innovations for home entertainment is Dolby Atmos. The technology adds an element of height to the audio coming out of your sound system, and the effect is honestly game-changing. Vizio has a wacky idea about how to make Atmos even better. What if your soundbar could do Atmos at will? Or, more specifically, what if your soundbar could swivel like a sassy robot and adjust itself to whatever you’re watching? Read More >>

I Was Over 8K TVs Before They Even Happened

Okay, it’s the first day of CES, which means the TV makers have all announced their TVs, and yes they’re all neat looking, especially the 8K TVs top manufacturers are promising to ship this year. They are legit beautiful – so why am I so underwhelmed? Read More >>

How to Secure Your Home From Corporate Snoopers

Looks like corporate Big Brother might be watching your every move. Back in February US electronics company Vizio was forced to pay millions for secretly snooping on customers, but the TV tech giant isn’t the first corporation to go 1984 in peoples' homes. Amazon and Google have microphones in every room thanks to the Echo and Home, and Samsung and Microsoft can use cameras to watch you. Can you kit out your house with TVs, talking speakers and security cameras without getting spied on by the corporate entities behind them? Read More >>

The Company Behind Matt Damon’s Great Wall is Making Big Moves in America

Unless you’re spending a lot of time in mainland China you’ve probably never heard of LeEco. But you should know LeEco. In 2015 the company sold more phones than Apple. Its web series, Go Princess Go, was one of the most watched web series in China, before censors had it edited due to too many bisexual time travelling shenanigans. And two days ago it bought American television giant Vizio. Read More >>

A Sceptic’s Guide to Buying (or Not Buying) a 4K TV

Should you buy a 4K TV yet? With Black Friday in sight and Boxing Day sales on the semi-distant horizon, that is a question lots of people will be asking this year. Read More >>

Vizio’s New Bluetooth Speakers Have Android KitKat Tablets Built-In

Bluetooth speakers are all the same right? You connect your phone to them to wirelessly beam bumping music. Not Vizio's brand new Smart Audio speakers though. Vizio's Bluetooth speakers also have a freaking Android tablet running KitKat built in. Yes, there are 7-inch and 4.7-inch tablets on speakers now. Read More >>

First Hands-On with a Tegra 4 Tablet

Vizio, while not selling its products in the UK, had a nice surprise at CES this year: one of the only tablets with a Tegra 4 processor inside you can find anywhere in the world, outside of some death vault at Nvidia headquarters. We used it, needless to say. Read More >>

The Biggest Tech Disappointments of 2012

Lots of fun, good, and exciting things happened in our world this year. But there were still so many things that could've been truly great, but flopped. Broken promises. Awful gadgets. Here's what broke Giz's heart in 2012. Read More >>

Ultrawidescreen, 3D and Google TV From Vizio: They’re On a Roll

Whether we ever see Vizio hit this side of the pond or not, they're tearing up CES with their new PCs and a 10-inch tablet. But they've also announced some new TVs which look pretty sweet, too. Read More >>