Russian State TV Photoshops an Awkward Smile on Kim Jong Un’s Face

Russia’s Channel One aired a segment yesterday about Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s recent meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. But one part of the news broadcast was pretty weird. Take a look at Kim’s face in the screenshot on the left. Kim has been photoshopped to look like he’s smiling. And it’s not even a very good photoshop job. Read More >>

Poisoned Russian Spy ‘Improving Rapidly’ But His Pets Are Now Dead

Sergei Skripal, a former Russian spy living in the UK, is “improving rapidly” after being poisoned by a nerve agent, according to the latest report by his doctors. But Skripal’s pets aren’t quite as lucky. British authorities say that once a vet was able to visit Skripal’s sealed off home, two guinea pigs were found dead and the family’s cat was euthanised. Read More >>

nuclear war
Putin Nukes Florida in New Animated Video Showing Russia’s Futuristic Weapons

Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered his annual address to the country’s Federal Assembly today, showing off some impressive new weapons in the process. One of the concept videos even showed a nuclear strike using multiple warheads against the United States. The video depicts the state of Florida, to be exact—the site of President Trump’s private club in Palm Beach. Read More >>

Chechen Leader Who Oversees the Torture of Gay Men Is Super Sad About Losing His Instagram Account

The leader of the Russian republic of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, was recently hit with US sanctions over human rights abuses such as his government’s torture and “purge” of gay men. But there’s one thing about the sanctions that seems to particularly bother Kadyrov: Losing his Instagram account. Read More >>

That Viral Photo of Putin is Totally Fake

Have you seen this viral photo of Russian President Vladimir Putin? It shows the authoritarian leader in the middle of an intense discussion between other world leaders at the G-20. But it’s completely fake. And the fakery has even inspired a meme. Read More >>

Video That Putin Shows Oliver Stone of Russians Fighting ISIS is Totally Fake

Have you seen Oliver Stone’s latest documentary, The Putin Interviews? The four-part series is getting a lot of flack in the American press for being a love letter to Vladimir Putin. But there’s one scene in particular that’s now getting extra scrutiny. Putin appears to be helping spread fake news. Read More >>

Vladimir Putin Says Goodbye to Microsoft Outlook, Clippy May Be Next

On Tuesday, Moscow announced that it would begin transitioning the email software on 6,000 of its government computers away from Microsoft and toward a state-run system. Read More >>

Vladimir Putin: Should We Be Afraid of the Big, Bad, Vlad?

This week Russian President Vladimir Putin has been in the headlines. Don’t worry, he hasn’t invaded anywhere else, but he’s alleged to be at the centre of a major money laundering scheme, as exposed by the so-called “Panama Papers”. Yep, it turns out that being the all powerful President of a country is also profitable business. Read More >>

Anonymous Takes Out the Kremlin to Show Us It’s Just Not That Happy With Putin

Another day, another lashing out by our friendly neighbourhood hacking collective. This time it seems Anonymous isn't too fond of a one Vladimir Putin. Having seen him just get his shoes back under the Presidential desk, the hackers took out the Kremlin's site, which, as Xkcd points out, is almost akin to tearing down a poster or two in the digital age of protesting -- not quite the hack attacks Anonymous et al. were waging just a few months ago that's for sure. Read More >>

Vladimir Putin Will Make 3D Popular Whether You Like It or Not

Back in 2010, Vladimir Putin wasn't very happy about the prospect of wearing 3D glasses. But now he's donned a pair to watch a commemorative film of Yuri Gagarin's first human space flight, he looks pretty bad-ass in them. [Boing Boing] Read More >>

Vladimir Putin Confirms Russian Zombie Radiation Gun

According to reports, the Rooskies are testing an energy weapon capable of causing extreme pain and mind-control. Australia's Herald Sun reports the beam weapon, trotted out by Russian defense minister Anatoly Serdyukov, is capable of some serious frying: Read More >>