Vogue Brazil Photoshopped Models to Look Like They Have Disabilities

In an effort to promote the 2016 Paralympics, Vogue Brazil decided to launch a photo campaign highlighting Renato Leite and Bruna Alexandre, two Brazilian Paralympic athletes. But instead of, you know, just putting them in the campaign, the magazine used two able-bodied models—actors Cleo Pires and Paulo Vilhena—and photoshopped them to look like Leite and Alexandre. Read More >>

Apple Really Wants the Apple Watch to be Fashionable

Apple's already been clear that it wants its upcoming timepiece to be something that you're not ashamed to wear. But in case displaying it at the Paris Fashion Week wasn't clear enough, Apple's PR people have gone ahead and put the Apple Watch front-and-centre — quite literally — on the November issue of Vogue China. Read More >>

Jony Ive Even Engineered the Sound of the Apple Watch Clasp

Even though most of us never even notice it, Apple has a fantastic history of sound design, from the ping of the text message to the decades-old powering up noise. That legacy runs through Apple's new era of product design too, right down to the sound of the new Apple Watch clicking open. Read More >>