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The Many, Many Voices of Batman, Ranked

Many actors have donned the bat-mantle to provide a voice to Gotham’s Dark Knight—the latest example being the delightfully loopy Batman Ninja, out now on Blu-ray and DVD—over decades of film, TV, and games. But who’s done it best? Here’s our bat-ranking of Gotham’s finest voice actors. Read More >>

In Germany, Samuel L Jackson Is Voiced By A White Guy

If you watch a big Hollywood blockbuster in a non-English-speaking country, there's a good chance it'll have been dubbed into the local language – people don't like reading subtitles (especially people seeing Michael Bay films). Read More >>

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Meet the Voices of All Your Favourite Cartoon Characters in This Documentary

You know what Batman sounds like. Same for Sponge Bob, Bugs Bunny, Bender, and a zillion other characters in cartoons, games and movies. These are the people who make them come to life, in the new documentary I Know That Voice. Read More >>