Volkswagen Put an Invisible Layer of Silver in Its New Windshields to Melt Away Snow

It’s impossible not to look at a new feature from Volkswagen with a skeptical eye after Dieselgate, but we’re hoping the company’s new climate windshield, that can melt snow and ice without the need for distracting wires, delivers as promised — because the winter sucks if you own a car. Read More >>

Lego’s Second Attempt at a Classic ’60s VW Beetle Has Finally Perfected Its Curves

Available starting August 1 for £70, Lego’s new Volkswagen Beetle isn’t as large or complex as its Porsche 911 GT3 RS – but the company’s designers have worked hard to perfectly recreate the curves and contours of the car that help defined the ‘60s, even introducing new pieces to help replicate the Beetle’s iconic bulging bumpers. Read More >>

VW Bosses Knew of Petrol Problems a Year Ago, Says Source

An unnamed source speaking to German paper Bild am Sonntag claims top brass inside Volkswagen knew there was a gulf between stated and actual CO2 output long before it was made public, with the paper's source claiming it may have been aware some petrol cars were cheating tests up to a year ago. Read More >>

Oh, We May Have Lied About Fuel Consumption and CO2 Too, Says Volkswagen

Volkswagen has added another 800,000 vehicles to its suspect data list, with the carmaker announcing that a new fiddle -- this time involving CO2 levels and possibly also including cars with petrol engines -- has been uncovered. Read More >>

Eco Statisticians Say 200 People Might Die Young Due to VW Car Cheats

Number crunchers extrapolating the damage caused to the world by Volkswagen cheating on its emission exams claim some unlucky US people might end their days a bit too soon as a result, calculating that between 60 and 200 early deaths may be caused by the extra pollution spewed into the airspace. Read More >>

VW’s Giant Diesel Recall of Shame Begins in January

VW is still in full damage-control mode over its cheating diesel cars, and slowly but surely, the pieces are falling into place: if everything goes to plan, the first cars in Europe will be recalled in January 2016, to be finished by the end of 2016. That’s a long time to use a rental. Read More >>

Check Your UK VW (Audi, Seat and Skoda) to See if it’s an Emissions Cheat

Volkswagen's various UK divisions have launched a series of web sites designed to let owners of its cars check to see if they're one of the shameful diesel emissions test cheaters, with individual UK sites for Volkswagens, Audis, Seats and Skodas now online. Read More >>

Are You Driving an Illegal Volkswagen? Car Manufacturer Rigged Emissions Test Results

German car manufacturer Volkswagen has been embroiled in a scandal that's seen its share price drop 20 per cent, after a US investigation claimed its vehicles had deliberately circumvented clean air rules for diesel cars. Read More >>

An Auto-Following Stroller Using VW’s Adaptive Cruise Control Is Genius

It might just be a one-off prototype, but new parents who can’t go anywhere without a toddler in tow will love the idea of a stroller with built-in sensors that allow it to autonomously follow someone, while intelligently avoiding collisions. Read More >>

A VW Beetle Toiletries Case for Hippies Who Prefer Staying Clean

The Volkswagen Beetle isn't quite the same symbol of freedom today that it was back in the '60s, but that doesn't mean its iconic design—and the ideals it symbolised—has been forgotten. So the next time you're restless and feeling the need to just get up and travel, bring this VW Beetle toiletries case along because you don't have to smell like a hippy to embrace their ideals. Read More >>

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An Action Cam on a Spinning Car Wheel Makes for One Mesmerising Ad

An effective advert doesn't necessarily have to be a multi-million pound production. Remember that Nike ad with Tiger Woods bouncing a golf ball on his club? It was supposed to be completely different until the director saw his skills on set. VW had similar luck with this ad made with nothing but an action cam attached to the spinning wheel of a driving car. Read More >>

Race Track Invader Man Gets Eight-Month Jail Term

So it wasn't viral marketing for Volkswagen or a Lynx/Pot Noodle campaign gone bad. The man who drove his girlfriend out onto a race track during an event has been jailed, with the 22-year-old driver picking up an eight-month prison sentence for his impromptu Top Gear challenge homage. [Independent] Read More >>

World’s Dumbest Driver Takes VW Polo on Track During Live Race

Amazing. Or amazingly stupid. This clip shows some youths driving their Volkswagen Polo onto the actual track at Brands Hatch during a race. You wouldn't think it possible, but... they did it, driving down the pit lane and out onto the circuit. The driver planned to tell the marshalls they "got lost" when in fact they merely got stupid. [YouTube] Read More >>

A Terrifying PSA Scares Moviegoers Into Never Texting and Driving Again

Sometimes experience is the best way to learn, but when it comes to driver safety, it's not like you can have a deadly accident more than once. But you can come close, as Volkswagen demonstrated with this highly effective interactive public-safety announcement that it revealed to unsuspecting moviegoers in Hong Kong. Read More >>

This Playground is Designed to Challenge Kids as They Grow

Visitors to Volkswagen's Autostadt, the museum adjacent to its Wolfsburg factory in Germany, will now find themselves confronted with these grey, blobby forms in the lobby. Is it a sculpture? An ode to Fahrvergnügen? Nope, it's a playground. For kids. Read More >>