Pennywise Is Krusty? Pikachu Is Blanka? Pop Culture Icons Cross Over in a New Art Show

In pop culture, even unrelated characters can have something significant in common. They’re both clowns. They’re both purple. They’re both cyborgs. And that middle ground is where artist Alex Solis likes to play. Read More >>

Lego Voltron is the Perfect Model to Build With Friends

If you're an adult, Lego is probably something of a solitary activity. You don't want kids getting their grubby little hands all over your precious bits of plastic. And you probably don't want your partner stepping in, ruining all the fun either. Let's face it; unless someone is demoted to "brick finder", on most models you're just going to get in each other's way. But that's where Lego Voltron stands out. The £160 set released as part of the Lego Ideas range this summer makes one giant robot when put together, but it's actually made up of five smaller, standalone models that can be built completely separately from one another. Read More >>

We Built This Massive Lego Voltron So You Don’t Have To

We love any excuse to foster our inner children. For Gizmodo video producer Tom Caswell, that opportunity came with Lego’s new Classic Voltron Set. It’s 2,300 pieces of 1980s Lego perfection that we put together over the course of eight glorious hours. Of course, we know not everyone has the time for that—so check out our timelapse video construction of the almighty Voltron, which went on sale yesterday. Read More >>

Lego’s Voltron Set is the Giant Brick Robot of Our Dreams

We’ve been quivering with anticipation ever since Lego officially confirmed it would be adding Voltron — the universe’s premiere lion-based defender—to its range of fan-petitioned Lego Ideas products. But now, we finally have our first look at the final set and it’s even better than we had imagined. Read More >>

Lego Would Break the Internet if it Made This Voltron Set

Lego Ideas lets amateur builders not only share their creations with the world, but also have the opportunity for them to be realised as real sets. But each submission needs 10,000 supporting votes before it’s even considered, so let’s make sure this stunning Lego Voltron gets closer to reality. Read More >>

There’s Never Been a Transforming Voltron as Impressively Articulated as This One

Voltron was one of the original ‘cool transforming toy robot sets that combined to make a bigger, awesomer, toy robot’ but given the restrictions of ‘80s manufacturing techniques, the giant robot had some limitations when it came to posability. But Toynami’s new Ultimate Voltron EX doesn’t. Read More >>

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These Linked Telescopes Are the Voltron of Astronomy

How do you create the world's largest virtual optical telescope and the most advanced visible-light astronomical observatory? Teamwork. The Very Large Telescope at the Paranal Observatory combines the visual prowess of four huge telescopes — for the first time ever — to mimic a 130-metre-wide mirror. Read More >>