Amazon Will Deliver You a Volvo Now

People at Volvo and people at Amazon are pleased to announce the result of several meetings and more than one thousand emails – you can book a test drive of a Volvo through Amazon Prime Now. Read More >>

Semi-Autonomous Cars Scare the Shit Out of Me

Last month, I was driving down the interstate, somewhere near the southern corner of Virginia, when a thunderstorm opened up above me. Suddenly, a wall of water appeared a hundred yards ahead. In a split second, I had zero visibility, a slick road, and a shitload of anxiety. So I let go of the wheel and felt the car find the lane. It was Volvo’s semi-autonomous driving technology at work, and it scared me to death. Read More >>

Volvo Tests Self-Driving Bin Lorry

Some dirty old jobs might soon be automated away if Volvo has anything to do with it, as the lorries and workhorse part of the carmaker group has been testing an autonomous bin lorry. Don't let your children out when it's doing the rounds. Read More >>

Volvo Wants Families to Test its Autonomous Cars in London Next Year

Screw you Texas and California, it’s time for London to get involved in the autonomous driving fun. Volvo has announced that it will bring its self-driving XC90 SUVs to public roads in London early next year, and wants ordinary families to test them. Read More >>

Volvo Is Taking Its Self-Driving Cars to China

Volvo has big plans for its fleet of autonomous cars—and it’s about to put them through a rather big test, too. The car manufacturer has announced that it’s taking 100 cars to China, where “local drivers will test autonomous driving cars on public roads in everyday driving conditions.” Read More >>

Volvo Brags About Making the First Car That Doesn’t Need Keys

As a carmaker Volvo has always been known for its innovative safety features, and thanks to a new app, that now includes eliminating the risk of cuts on your hand after having to break one of your vehicle’s windows because you locked your keys inside.

Volvo Brags About Making the First Car That Doesn’t Need Keys
Starting in 2017, Volvo will offer its customers a Bluetooth-dependent smartphone app that serves as a copy of their vehicle’s keys and fob. It can be used to open a car’s doors, boot, activate or deactivate its security system, and even allow the vehicle to be started without the physical key being anywhere in the vicinity. Read More >>

ces 2016
Nvidia’s Autonomous Car Computer Makes 24 Trillion AI Operations a Second

Nvidia has announced its first in-car artificial intelligence supercomputer at CES. It sounds like it should turn any vehicle into a computational powerhouse, capable of performing 24 trillion deep-learning operations every single second. Read More >>

Volvo is Designing the Autonomous Car That Could Eliminate All Traffic Deaths

As usual, traffic was apocalyptic on the motorway. So I queued up the Master of None episode I didn’t finish the night before, pulled out the Greek yoghurt I hadn’t had time to eat for breakfast, reclined my seat way back, and relaxed. I may have even dozed off as my vehicle steered its way towards Santa Monica. Read More >>

Amazon Hands Clarkson a Rumoured £160 Million Budget for Car Show Return

Rumours surrounding the Top Gear rival being assembled by Amazon suggest it may end up being one of the most expensive TV shows in history, with an apparent budget of £160m being handed to the production team to make 36 episodes. Think of all the hot meat that will pay for. Read More >>

Volvo Suggests Spraypainting Cyclists to Make Them More Visible

Designers working with a bit of money from car maker Volvo have come up with an interesting way to help make cyclists safer -- painting them. But with invisible paint that only shows up when the headlights of an angry van shine on the painted parts. Read More >>

Ford’s Adding Another Self-Driving Feature to its Cars Next Year

There's a lot of debate over when and whether self-driving cars will become road legal. Elon Musk says six years. Volvo says three. Read More >>

Google’s Self-Driving Car is the Future We Need

In the aftermath of Google's unexpected unveiling of its very own steering wheel-free, the internet is dripping again with opinions about self-driving cars. Read More >>

Volvo’s Inflatable Child Seat Concept Fits in a Backpack

At one time the military actually tried to develop inflatable planes that were strong enough to fly, but easy to transport. Those never materialised, but the technology involved—a drop-stitch fabric that can be inflated to very high pressures—has enabled Volvo to create an inflatable child car seat that's just as safe as everything already on the market. Read More >>